Wednesday, January 05, 2011


Yeah- I'm so fricken pissed off right now- mad to the point of heart aches. How much the parents anger me is beyond. The one little annoying thing. I'm about to head upstairs to leave and they knock on the ceiling. Really?! I'm about to leave and you pull this wake up call shit. So now- I'm full in the thought of moving out. I can save up a lot in the next few months. I can't believe they would still pull this bullshit with me. And I'm getting really tired of the fact all my dad can talk about at dinner is how much he spent on the food were eating. Good prices and bargains - and what he should have bought more of. One thing about my parents. They still buy and cook like they are feeding 5 people. They over spend and over cook and more food goes to waste. But then now? They've slowed down in buying groceries though. So I step in to compensate and buy foods I would most likely eat. Problem with that is - they cook my food cause they think it should be their way. When - I don't really like to eat what they eat. So most of the time at dinner - I don't touch more than half what's on the dinner table. Why don't I cook? Well- when I do, they do something to disrespect me when I do- they say I shouldn't cook things a certain way- that all food should be cooked- ( even salads) and then if that's not bad enough- they will cook more food even if they see the food there. So - that's why I don't try. I rather just - move out. I do hesitate to leave my dad- there with my mom. Why? Last time - mom was sick- she wasn't hungry - so she didn't cook. She didn't cook - and dad skipped a meal. And dad fainted. Oh yeah, he was sick too. It's unnecessary bullshit. I thought it could be avoided - them getting sick - but they love to prod and pry and mostly it's useless cause they never ask. How are you?

Whatever- anyways yesterday was pretty good first day at work- but then the boss was having technical problems. The aura in the office was getting thick and I went to lunch with a friend - which was nice. We went to tsunami sushi and I became fascinated by the fact that they had the sushi bar with the boats floating in the water that was making the sushi pass by along the bar.

After work - I went to go shopping for my boots- too bad the pair I wanted wasn't on sale- or atleast the black pair- but I got them anyways cause I have been wanting them for the longest time. - no regrets here.

I'm kind of sad about the fact that I'm not seeing Ry that much these days. He's working lots. And me- I'm working too- but I feel a little neglected like I'm not even in a relationship.

I'm hoping tonight I can do some painting. The new series I'm thinking of is goldfish. It's going to interesting.

I'm a bit sleepy and tired :( gonna just day dream now-

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