Thursday, January 27, 2011


Congrats to Trevor as he became a father yesterday.

What- the train is having problems. People didn't listen properly to the announcement. Wait - damn I had to switch trains . Anyways.

I worked away last night again. Working out. I went to bed with a stomach ache though and woke up feeling sore. I worked on a logo design. And more so, I finally purchased new hosting. I was working on 500mb now I switched to 10gigs. I will be working to get a new website up. Should I re-brand myself? Dj thinks it should be my face but - I don't know. Maybe - I'm thinking about it. I have to work on transferring all my stuff - again, and think about knocking one of my clients. As she has failed to pay me yet. Another client hasn't paid me yet either, but it's not as much as 200$+. I've invoiced her and nothing.

I want to go snowboarding this season and want to do it before spring magically arrives. I have to think about how on earth I will be booking and taking my road test considering I don't have a car to book it in and might have to use the testing offices cars. Do you get to pick?! Omg - >_< . Anyways I don't want to waste the joy of having the ability to know how to board go to waste. It's a long weekend this weekend for me as I'm heading out to Seattle early next week.

However a part of me still yearns to go on that solo trip somewhere. I feel like if I go, I may not return. I may not want to / care for returning.

Sometimes I feel down, where I can only describe the feeling like I stand alone. But though I am not alone, it doesn't take away the fact I still feel like I am. I have many friends that are a joy, my life is focusing now on getting it all together. Like this is going to be a huge year, I just have to believe that it's going to change my life.

I've been feeling sick to my stomach lately. All a part of the symptoms I've felt before but these feelings are never good.

I need to paint - I hope tonight I will. I should edit a video after as well. Haven't loaded one in 2 weeks or so. Little things pop up.

I keep thinking what i should think of doing for the restaurant - but my brain keeps fighting it. Maybe I should return there soon later that week and sketch the possibilities. Eat and drink in the space. I don't want to do pure on white . Oh I just got an idea for a series, now, how do I pull this off?!

Wow- so going to be Late for work like tons of other people. Well I'm going to go daydream of what I can do now. :)

Happy day love.

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