Friday, January 28, 2011

Damn SQL

Damn SQL
Anyways I'm trying to set up my new site and I have no clue why it's just not working. I tried to update the one I'm already working on but didn't work and screwed up my SQL stuff. And my new new site on my new hosting crapper and now I have to think about re-designing a redesign. I must say though this new site is going to be loaded with a bunch if stuff. Now I have to build a site that I myself will want to constantly want to update, like my blog.

I don't know what to say, I should have painted last night instead of choosing my site- but errr so annoyed that I can't decide what takes priority.

I woke up again with another stomach ache. This sucks. I want to go running but it's a bit cold.

Planning to go boarding by myself, I wonder if that's even a good idea. Seriously. What happens when I get hurt?!

Damn it Sundeep I wanted Paris song!
And people where are my paragraphs?!
I have grown to the reliance on no one but myself. I wonder why.

Wow I don't have anything much to journal about this morning. Yesterday at work was a bit if tedious long jobs. And those are the ones that make you feel that you've done nothing all day. Which blows. End of January and my thoughts are scattered when they should be centered.

Site, art, portfolio.

Center damn it, center.

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