Thursday, January 20, 2011

Missing You

Missing You
I've been up and down with my emotions as to being content and being sad. It's not that I'm not grateful for what it is I do have but Somethings off. My friend was texting me to encourage me last night as I was watching tv and working out. It's just I miss people sometimes- friends. I don't tell them directly anymore well - I just don't. My back still hurts and when I was working out last night I realized that my arms were a bit sore, my abs were a bit sore and my legs all at the same time, this workout thing is pretty fun to play with. Like cats with a piece of string.
I got my package for my new face wash and products to treat my acne break out problem. It seems to work great, for now. I hope my skin gets better in the next few weeks. Man I'm thirsty :(.
I felt yesterday I do miss the morning messages I use to get- but the heart doesn't say out loud all the things it wishes to when thoughts cross their mind. Man I need music. New music onto my phone :p
Nothing to complain about- just lots of things to do. Me and my co-worker was thinking we should go boarding after work one day together. Lol- she then suggests tomorrow we should call in sick and go. I said with our current deadlines- the boss would shit his pants.
Yesterday morning outside my building at work there were three little coke trucks all in a row. I think the drivers were chilling in Tim Hortons but these trucks were hybrid trucks which impressed me. Coke- props to you for taking an environmental step. :)
What do I have to work on today? I fell asleep last night designing a logo for my buds new business venture. Time to relax the rest of this skytrain ride. Good morning Vancouver :)
Oh, to my friends. I miss you.

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