Monday, January 17, 2011

The Pain Lies

The Pain Lies

Well my week started a bit nice with spending time with the Bf. More than nice it was heartwarming when I started to mess up my back - and he held me as I tried to put on my boots <3 and I struggled through the pain. Our 7 months pass by without us recognizing it. In the last 5 days, I've bought 6 large canvases to prepare for the next set of artwork that will go for hanging up at a great location.

My week past week I thought would go awesome until Saturday afternoon as the day started out great, sleeping in, going to dimsum with my guy. Then around later afternoon when we go back to his place to rest. I check my phone to see who's been texting me. My sister apparently had been franticly trying to contact me. My dad had called. They tried to get a hold of me to tell me that - my dad called my sister to say that he was going to bring the dog to the vet to put him down. My sister at that point did everything in her will to contact any of us siblings. Brother in - Australia. Me in Vancouver. I pack up my things and rush back home- we decided to bring the dog to the vet. My sister didn't show up that much later than I did. But when we checked on the dog he was lively. Happy to have someone pet him he cuddled up in bed for affection searching blindly for a hand. Me and my sister were in the state of - WHAT THE HELL!! - when we came back home to see him like this. My dad had told us that he was not moving and not eating and just sleeping. My dad then tells us in person - oh he's been more active today. - SERIOUSLY. We brought the dog to an emergency animal hospital. Our regular vet was already closed by the time we got there. Doggy had a check up, then we decided what to do. Try to seek treatment or just put him down? - me and my sister asked our father how much he was willing to save our family dogs life. Dad said no more than 500$. The check up price for X-ray, blood work, antibiotics and such came up to 630$ another 52$ for medication after that. The results came out good. but my parents refuse to stop giving the dog sugar water when we were told he may have dental disease. So set in their ways. Makes me wish I had my own place to just steal him to - so I can feed him to the top and make him fat again. Not too long ago I remember carrying him and wondering why he was so heavy- it's the 180 now. You run your hand along his spine and it's bones. he's so light. After the clear of the results and x-ray. They then call us in to tell us he may have cancer and if is causing him pain, we have to consider doing the most humane thing. My dad drops me off at the sisters as he brings the dog home. I sleep over to spend some time with my nephew. He gets very cheeky with me now. Walking up and pinching my legs when I wear shorts. He will smile at me and play peek-a-boo. If I lay on the ground, he'll come an inspect what I'm doing. Push me to roll me over. He loves laptops. Pressing buttons. He used me to climb onto the couch and he gives me a heart attack when it seems like he's about to fall off the couch. You have to have quick reflexes being a parent, I give props to you all! It's funny the way the little one is. He'll come close enough to get a hug - be he fights me off and returns to do the same thing over again.

Yesterday I was a bit upset when I was peeling chicken for the dog to eat for dinner. My mom tells me after 2-3 tablespoon fulls that it was enough. I was upset and let it be known that at the point of how skinny the dog is now. I will feed him till he couldn't eat anymore. So saying enough to me to give him food would have been no use cause I wouldn't tolerate it.

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