Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Working Brain

The Working Brain
Yesterday me and my friend caught up. I used to see him almost every week- and then STOP. Called me up to do some work and chat. You see, the thing is his emotions have been just unstable as mine lately. I told him that I've been going up and down in my emotions like I'm bi-polar. One moment happy, then one moment complete and utter crap- and broken hearted feeling. I have to stop myself - but you can't help it sometimes how you feel. But I'm learning how to let go- to distract myself - fool myself into believing something else to save myself - from these emotions. Be happy with I have now. Stop questioning where you should be/ want to be and just live in the moment before the moment passes by. I then throw myself back into that series of I have until April. So, what do I have till then? I can't focus on what I want to do in the future, I have limited time, so I have to place myself in the mind frame of what I can do.

I did some work for a client last night and 3 variations of a logo for my god brother. And that is that for wrapping that up. Lots to do- so little time i must learn to divide. I will be working on my friends logo and website and perhaps painting later tonight. Work downtown has certainly died down as me and my co-worker are in the sense working our butts off to finish websites and random designs for clients . Splitting up the work and such just to knock things off the list.

My body is slimming down again. As I work out again. This time more dedicated to getting my abs. I watch what I eat and it still sucks that my face us breaking out when I'm not really drinking / eating fatty / oily food. The lady at shoppers said it might be hormones could be why my face is breaking out at random times.

Well I don't really have much to write about currently.

I thought about this yesterday that- I have to realize I'm building a foundations of a life right now as a singular person. I have to build a life before bringing a life into this world, because if I don't - I would not have anything to offer it besides love. I can't live by example- to strive to be successful - can you teach someone to be successful when you've alone never felt it. I don't want to train my kid to fall into the loop of the unhappy debt and life. No - I rather pursue happiness as a singular - and feel that before bringing something into this world to teach them to pursue some thing by pure faith that everything will be alright.

Sometimes sacrifices need to be made for other opportunities. Others are meant to be important for a reason. To trigger something greater than we ever realized.

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