Friday, February 04, 2011

Back in town

Back in town
My trip to Seattle was rewarding in the end, however there was a bit of a bump at the end of the first day. But you fight through it, talk it out, and find a common ground.

What did I do on the first day?
Well I left Vancouver around 10:30ish, and headed down. Stopping at the Seattle outlet on the way, I came out of that place with just a sports tank for roller hockey. Going on, and driving into Seattle, my hotel sat at the entrance from the freeway into downtown. Sheraton Hotel was beautiful- being on the 21st floor, the view was towards the city, with a view of the Roosevelt. After resting for a bit, we headed out for dinner, walking down to the waterside to a restaurant called The Crab Pot. I
Tried to get a goof photo of me in front of our restaurant before meeting up with friends. The boys ordered two buckets of seafood as I called three appetizers for the four of us. Crab cakes, coconut shrimp and calamari. I enjoyed the crab cakes as Ry enjoyed the coconut shrimp. After our appetizers, they rolled out a large sheet of poster paper onto our table and placed back down our drinks and set our wooden mini chopping blocks and a wooden mallet. As they also supplied us with nut crackers. They poured the seafood onto the middle of the table and everyone just went at it. King crab, crab, muscles, clams, potato, slices of Italian sausage. By the end we were filled with seafood happiness. We headed out later walking back to our hotels, but not until we side tracked onto a place called Gameworks. Basically to me, it's an adult arcade - I only say that cause you're allowed to order some alcoholic drinks and play video games. Played two rounds of air hockey against Ry, Tying it in the end. Shooting hoops was another thing. We started off with the same game - shooting classic. Ry had never seen me play basketball- I out shot him in points by doubling his score and I wonder if I should have held back? Nnnaahhh. You school people at their own game for a reason- my want to school him, I was just willing to play him at his own favorite game. We played a little dance dance. Watched taiko drumming, some simmulation of hummer driving, I also watched the nurses have the joy of playing operation on a giant scale. Watching 3 nurses play giant operation, is hilarious! Especially when they fail, however at the end - Ray got it for the win. They played a sponge bob game and later on we ended the night just a little after dance dance revolution.

My first night ended with a blip, one I didn't want to carry out, throughout the rest of the trip. Talking things out in a relationship can do more than place one an other on the same page, it calms misunderstandings. And the truth is there should be no arguments when people are doings things to make the other happy. Simply step back and enjoy the moment. Always speak your peace with someone you love, or live with the whispers that have a high possibility of echoing through your mind. They are the words that make and break relationships.

I woke up the next day and headed down to the pike market in hopes to watch some fish throwing but we simply walked down to the starbucks and grabbed a bite before walking about. Some man said around 7am they do the fish throwing. Really?! We left pike market without witnessing some flying fish. We went and walked about shopping afterwards walking back up towards our hotel. there was a small mall we walked about just didn't have much inside to see, some little stores but the amount of Starbucks that line this city is insanity. That little mall had 5 inside. Not far across the street I got a Jean jacket from Levi's for 48$- it has a nice cloth lining on the inside. Ry got some deals on his as well.

We checked out of our hotel, met up with our friends and headed over to mall for some crazy shopping. This mall was so big, that there were stores that had two locations. We went to this particular mall for one reason, to eat some Jolly Bee's. A Philipino fast food chain location in the states. Fried
Chicken, rice, gravy. Mango peach pie. And some rice noodle dish I can't pronounce. I went to h&m and got some shirts for screening and and socks. Landed a long jacket for downtown style- for 22$ from forever 21. It took a while to find anything else but it took me a while to find a charm of Seattle, it seems as though the last kiosk I was willing to hit up actually had it. 15$. As I was in the mall waiting for Ry as he checked out bedding goods I got my hair straightened by some girl to sell me a hair straightened for 145$ - really?! Wow I can get one from winners for 40$. I let her try to sell me. She even tried guessing my age, only to fail horribly by 9 years. She was good, but it's difficult to sell something to someone who has the ability to do the math of cost, product production, product shipping, sales. Etc. And the competitors of the industry trying to sell the same product with 30 different brands. I walked away with the classic line, "I'll think about it, I'll be in the mall." it wasn't true, I left ten minutes later, but hate the fact of having to lie. I'm just not interested in buying your product, especially @ 145$.

We headed back after the mall and dropped off the friends at Sheraton as they were staying there the day after we did. We headed in search for our new hotel and checked in at the Silver Cloud hotel. Which was located right next to safeco field. We got one looking over the sign. This little place also had fantastic services. As we checked in and rested a bit before heading out for dinner. We shuttled it to the cheese cake factory for dinner. Ordering the fish and chips I substituted the chips for mashed potatoes and the coleslaw for spinach. Ry getting a chicken and brown rice dish. I drank a pina colada for the first time ( alcoholic one that is ) For dessert I indulged and got the reeses cheese cake and Ry, a blue berry cheese cake. We wanted to see if the stores were still open after dinner, however they weren't - well the one we wanted to return to that is. We went over to Sephora since that was where the pick up service was and we headed back to our hotel for some much needed rest. I wasn't as used to being on my feet as much and my legs were hurting even after the first night.

The next morning we got ready and headed down to the pike market to discover the fish throwing people were not in business since the market was under construction for renovations. We walked down and around the market, visited the first Starbucks location. we walked down and grabbed a bite at a Russian bakery. The most popular item was not mine- apple cinnamon roll, I liked Ry's choice way better! We soon headed back to check out and drove in and by chinatown. It brought back memories. So faded - but I guess I still have them. we left and headed for Northgate mall. Mister man had to pick up some shoes he ordered and I was hunting down ambercrombie & finch / a hollister store. I got to hollister and snagged a zip up and hoodie for 20$ each. Ry was amazed at all the deals I was getting. We left, rushed down to a Costco to meet our friends - in fear of getting caught of using someone elses membership, we didn't choose to get a lot. And after we headed on home.

On the way home, we were supposed to stop at a duty free shop. To get my dad liquor. However the exit we took, didn't have a duty free shop, so I ended up going to a BC liquor store and picking out liquor from anywhere but Canada. I think about it and it's hilarious! I choose a spice rum named krawken - or something - I only got it because of pure packaging. Ry picked a whisky and that was that. I never told dad that we got it here. The whole idea was to save money on liquor- but hey, they were on sale. :p it didn't matter it was or not. Dad did wonder how he is going to drink the spicy rum. I returned home to only wish our get away could have been longer.

This entry took three travel times to write. Darn it. Last night I was on the verge of tossing a couple of gift cards away, and decided to go online and see how much they had. More than 50$ in the cards - make them worthy to keep. I also checked my aeroplan points, I have enough to fly to Hawaii, but not back. It doesn't sound too bad - does it. ;)

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