Monday, February 14, 2011

Ugh ... Happy Valentines Day

Ugh ... Happy Valentines Day
I'm a bit sick to my stomach at the moment. Waking up from a panic dream and one with dirty crazy beggars , a pregnant African American woman, a priest and a bunch of other people I don't know. Running and dodging people. I would call this dream a bit of a nightmare. Cause I felt terror and I don't know why I would dream this at all like the other nightmare I had that I shared with my sister that disgusted her too. That dream was just- disgusting. It stains my soul.

Happy Valentines Day. One of the days that I used to not celebrating it. It's something I think is lovely - as in someone taking a chance to declare their love on a day like so many others - but bravery with the heart should stand on another day because that day is and should be just as good as today.

I didn't do much this weekend. Saw baby Ethan on Friday like every Friday. Hung out with my sister some quality time. ( Been trying to do this since finding out it's the way I can show her I love her. )

Other days I've been working on my website. Content and design. And yesterday I spent from 3-9:30 in a group meeting - working on a project. I feel this is one to be excited for- when it takes off - I don't know where it will take us. Hopefully all around the world well I hope all the projects I collaborate on would.

I wrote a small bio about myself for my site and well I think it's really casual - showing more of me these days. Passion beats professionalism - just as long as a piece of you comes through. Damn I really should try to finish reading my books. Continue my painting and prep the other job. Transfer my videos onto my Pc and work from there.

I'm a bit sleepy still - ttyl

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