Thursday, March 31, 2011


I'm pretty sure in getting meaner to people cause I feel no emotions to them as I see no logic in their ways. I'm standing right in the front of the bus. First one out right? Considering I'm lugging another me in size. Nope people will still try to get in front of you cause they can't wait one second for you to gather your things to leave. They have to catch that train you know - that same train you're trying to catch! - come on people of the world. Give a little you might just get a break sometime. Sometimes people may think - I never get >:( and they are the grumpiest mofo's. The question is not 'how much have I gotten?' is 'how much have you given?'. Real love doesn't say - I give too much. I ask - 'how can I make you feel loved?' because I'll be giving of it. This is where change in me is needed lately. Is not wanting - but giving. I am already loved. I know this now. Through friends and others and family.

I was just thinking of something - oh right. I'm currently selling off items in my possession that simply takes up - space. My focus should be in the arts, yet so many unnecessary items surround me. Now I'm weeding out what I want to keep and selling off the items that I don't. Although some items have memory attachments - it is only when I let go, I can make room and move forward to making new and better memories. I'm selling off items not just for me - but I had hoped that the person I will share my future with see's I'm making a big effort now to make room for them.

A lot of the stuff I collected were awesome, but it's time to let go. Grew out of it's phase and grew up. Everyone has to make that choice sometime. I guess I reached it.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


No one is a mind reader in a relationship. It takes great relationships to know this. Many things stem from miscommunication. It leads to frustration and that ultimately brings you to break up. Because one or the other or both can't communicate well enough on a level to say: I don't feel loved. That is an understandable statement. The - I don't know how I feel loved - is one I really don't understand. I can smother someone with love and have no idea what they love about my love. I can take it all away and then they feel like nothing to me. I know that's a little mean but I usually reflect what's given. I let the guys lead a lot because if I'm in charge for too long - I might just grow a penis. Oh wait god blessed me with something better- that's right. Should I just play the game. Give it all and want nothing - demand nothing and just do for them and yourself endlessly - when you're in a domain, own it? Be an endless powerful bitch? - I can do that. But that's not me. I don't want to take care of someone in the future - if they clearly cannot take care of me- and if they complain about it. The truth is unhappiness sets in in everyone eventually - especially when no one states they are unhappy and are unwilling to do something about it. I've had many thoughts in wondering if it is hopeless that I should simply move one once again. But life isn't that easy. The heart doesn't love foolishly. It's now in cooperation with the mind to distinguish what is tolerable and what is not. It took me a while to find what makes me feel loved. It takes a lot of self thought. Which is hard to those that think about everything but taking care of themselves. That's dangerous. Self understanding is sometimes needed more than anything. Knowing what you don't like and do like. Those that love you - will come to love you by knowing this because you're so defined. When they remember - you will feel loved. Knowing sometimes is loving.

I feel loved ...
when one offers up their hand to me.
When one holds my hand randomly.
When I receive something unexpected.
When I receive messages of care and concern. ( I miss morning messages *sigh* )
When one feeds me / when not asked to.
When one brings me somewhere and makes it feel like a delightful field trip.
When one tells me they do and follows it with a hug.
When one shares new experiences with me.
When is openly honest with me.

There is probably more but I can't think of anymore at this moment.

Roller hockey is starting tomorrow and I'm not particularly ready. Have to work out more. But I'm happy I get to finally play with my friend after these few years. I haven't seen him since - Wow I can't even remember- since Mia passed away and I bought her gear? But we've kept in touch now and then.

I've been feeling sick again - symptoms returning now and then but not often. I know since the new year has started I'm more tired - I want to hibernate on the weekends and look forward to it. Simply wanting to stay in bed.

Last Sunday I worked on my website - 90% till launch. I had to Photoshop some photos- do a lot of file transfers. Setting up half the site. Just - staring at a screen all day to me- i get so tired out and it isn't the best as I am noticing my eyes getting worse.

I should really go for an eye exam soon.

I shall always love myself before loving another.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Missing people

Missing people
Lately I've been thinking about people I've been missing but - last night dream rattles my thoughts but not my heart. I think it just got me more confused. I would think Id dream of people I'm missing but then I dream of him. I bothers me. If it didn't I wouldn't blog, but it does. Is your brain still in the conditioning of being in "love" with someone long after you've separated? And I didn't think Trev was the last person I fell in love with. I dreamt of my sister living in a loft ( but still with the fiancé family ) . Which isn't good considering the fact she wants to move away from them. What bothers me is that in my dream I was searching for Trev and was very much in the loving him dearly- however when I saw him, he was very skinny. His cheeks sunken in and he was shivering cause he was cold and very scary looking. So much so that I turned away and couldn't look at him and walked away asking him to gain more weight. - Dont remember a whole lot after that. People blowing noses in a group laughing at a peculiar teacher that blew his nose as he wrote on the board. Everyone of the students blew their nose in joking of the teachers manners and I didn't find it very funny.

Im still very sleepy.

Back to reality: I've been working on getting my website back up and I've been looking as how it is I update certain sections of the site but I think I
Figured out a way of setting up the site to be update and informatively easy.

I want to paint- then I think- what do I film with, I'm going to be filming with.

I'm selling off my camcorder and hoping to purchase a better one. One that I don't have to worry too much about battery life / power when plugged in and filming.

I wonder if I should sell off my slr for something more functionality. Like video. Agh thinking too much. I'm gonna take a nap.

I feel over my dream now.
Just too tired now to care.

I might busy up the next weeks. Making money. Saving up. Travel. ( Save up money never being spent on the travel of course )

Life is good. I have great friends. A good love. A good career going. Making a name for myself is hard but it's just the beginning.

I'm here. Still here.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Morning No Sunshine

Morning No Sunshine
Well this morning isn't much to say as I woke up in time to take a shower. I had to do math several times in my head as kept wondering what time it was I really needed to wake up by. As I laid in bed falling back to sleep then being awaken by another snooze alarm. I raise my head a little from writing this blog and people look at me. :/ I didn't do anything. Jeebus.

I felt a little sad early afternoon yesterday as I thought about a lot of things. But I shouldn't be. Sad that is- not the thinking part.

I brought up the conversation of thought with the Bf about getting a place together since he got upset with me when I was randomly looking at places for rent. I hate these kind of talks. No one ever really realizes what they are saying but I do. It's the- so? Where are we? How serious are we? Do we move to the next level together? Or apart? -
Is it rushing? Or has too much time gone by? How long is too long, and what is not long enough?
And then it all comes to mind - maybe I should just let it flow. Just go on doing my thing before I have to really sacrifice.

I filmed last night as fast as possible. Importing files, exporting files. I tried to see if I could record from my Pc- but I realized I didn't have the right programs. I did some research - to only find - wow maybe I should have got a Mac- everything is so much more easier! And it would have been cheaper! And none of these stupid little programs that really don't do anything on my Pc. Yeah that's right 'apple' lover right here! But I'll learn to love it no matter how much space it takes up! >_< I have to learn how to film and edit with it. Yeah I want live view while filming with a timer on the side that allows me to know how much time has elapsed. And I'm just having a difficult time finding a program that does this. Even movie maker doesn't have live view unless it does and I just don't know how to use it. It's frustrating!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Rewind to the 3rd Day

I wake up early in the morning - earlier than the others in hopes to catch the run rise. Only to find that I was facing the wrong direction - how dumb! I did get some shots of eagles flying by the window in the morning.

I go back to sleep after ready a few pages in my book - and wake up a few hours later. The boys go to drop off the gear early morning. Vik also brings the Van to a local mechanic to look at. Oh did I ever mention that the van was making strange noises before we left up till when we got home? Yeah. Apparently it was either the belt or the gear they sit on that was making a bat / cricket kind of sound. Anyways the rest of us packed up our gear as this was the same day we were heading back home.

We eat breakfast - or those of us that are there - Shalini makes some sandwiches for the guys that aren't and packs it up for them. When they return we load into the car - not loading all our gear just yet as this morning we were going whale watching. We run a little late, Me being a worry bee - wonders if they would leave without us. DJ assures me that they wouldn't start without us. We get there a few mins after 9:30 - and we start filming right away. DJ doing introductions. I start filming as I walk in to the little shop. We sign our names and a waiver. DJ hands me a pen from the whale watching place a souvenir which was adorable to be honest and we all head off down to the docks together. Pairing off as we were walking. I ended up pairing with Trevor as we walked. Shalini with Vik, and behind was DJ and Brian as they went back to the car to get some camera gear. We board the ship and it wasn't long until we got going. I don't know what it was about the boat ride. It's like a relationship that goes sour.

In the beginning you're fine - as it goes on you realize how unsatisfying it is to be there - the ride is fine on the way until you stop to see the sea lions. You try to take a pretty picture only to find out when the boat is still it's so rocky. When we did get to see some whales - they were so far away. Again the boat was rocky at the point which was supposed to be the highlight of the trip out to sea, not only that - most of the friends got sick on the way. The boat ride back to shore was long and cold. I huddled down with my hoodie up and face down next to Brian.

We stopped one last time to check out a bald eagle. To find - they are one of few species on earth that mate for life. It kind of made me sad - that one split second I reminisced when the whole point of this trip was simply for me to NOT think of everything else that's a part of that life back in Vancouver / inland. My life was that moment, being there on a boat with my friends. It wasn't soon after I ended up going down with Brian to the second level of the boat inside where the rest of them were. Vik and Shalini had taken a small nap, as Trevor and DJ became uneasy as well as Brian. DJ however had taken ill more than the others - He gave me the feeling that he was one of those guys that get sick if he's not in the lead. Like if he's not the one driving the car and such. Kind of like Ry. [ Ry thinks I talk about DJ a lot. but then I noticed when I'm with DJ - I talk about Ry a lot ] . I was shivered by the wind - and got annoyed with the rocking of the boat that led me to not get any great shots of the whale.

Before we made our way back to the Inn, we made a trip to a local fish and chips place. Where it was so delicious - too bad I forgot to take a picture of it. I did however take a photo of the crazy crows that were there. Just as DJ, me and Trevor got our fish and chips - DJ placed his plate down to get napkins as Trevor was getting ketchup for his fish and chips the crows swooped down in an instant and pecked at DJ's food. Probably 3-4 of them got a bite. I approached and scared them off but they were such bloody vultures!. As we came close to the end of our meal DJ thought he would see if the crows would come close and feed off of his head. We tried sprinkling food around him, on his head, in his hands... and nothing. We got nothing. I then wonder how I would do in my crow suit. The Gang - every one except for DJ and Trevor wandered the area we were in. Me and Shalini wandered to glass blowing shop as Vik and Brian went to check out the wood carving shop.

We make our way back to the Inn and we sat and talked to Joe for a bit. He thanked me for the painting. I guess everyone didn't think it was something I was leaving with Joe - but it's the least I can do to thank him. He then showed us the footage of his first whale watching trip where he got to PET a whale. YEAH! PET! - I want to pet a whale. *jealous* . I can only image how awesome it would be if that were my first whale watching trip. Totally unreal.

We pack up the Van - find that we don't really have time to go for another surf session and we leave. Tofino. - on the way back to the ferry we stop by the Coombs market, we loop around the market to find that it was closed. Collectively we gave out a sigh together and moved on. We went to a Mediterranean restaurant for dinner. We noticed that the place was full of seniors. But the food was really really good. Maybe old people eat there cause old people know good food.

We get on the ferry - On there I get ice cream. Then we chill, we rest. Return to the car and one by one we return home and the next day - returning to our 9-5.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Death - Life

I had a strange happening not too long after returning from the trip one of these last few nights something happened. dangerous, something that would have cost me my life.

I have a heater in my room that's a room space heater. it sits near the foot of my bed. When I went to sleep all my pillows and such were at my head. I was fast a sleep and I don't know when and out of no where my body jumps awake and I find myself reaching for my giant stuffed doughnut that had fallen against the heater. I place my hand over the stuffy to see if it was warm and to see if I can see how long it's been sitting there. A part of it's tag was about to be melted to the heater but the rest of it was fine. I find myself thinking - wow - I could have died. It could have caught on fire and that would be the end of all things as I would know it. I don't know why I woke up and just instinctively reached for it but perhaps it is because someone maybe looking out for me spiritually. Perhaps they shook me awake and reached for it through me.

Just yesterday a car running a stop sign almost hits our car on my passenger side door. It slows down and turns off in front of us as though our car wasn't even there. It proceeds to go down the street then instead of taking the turn we did to merge onto the knight street bridge. He goes and turns right on a no-right turn lane and merges into traffic. Ryan was upset - and me - I don't know - I felt a little unfazed. I my heart didn't race when the Van almost hit us. Is there something wrong with me? Or have I accepted it.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Surfing In Tofino

Rewinding to the days in Tofino. Day 2:

The next morning started - with everyone getting ready for today. Lining up interviews - I was there for a mid interview until I left with DJ and Trevor to go our surfing gear. I filmed our little excursion. - Me getting stuck having to sit on the floor of the van as we drove back to the inn. I was pretty excited to go surfing. DJ says to go get changed and when I do wander out - no one else is changed :( I felt like such a chump! and then I started sweating. To be honest I think someone can lose a lot of weight if they wore that thing a lot, since it is probably sucking up moisture from your skin. You can't hide anything in these suits- which totally made me feel SO FAT! so fat! >_<  - funny thing though - the boots didn't fit me properly nor did the gloves. Which later on had me taking in water. The only ones that were able to get into the waters were the ones that could swim - wait. I think Shalini could swim but she just didn't want to try surfing.

I don't know if what I did was really considered surfing - but I didn't stand up. considering I'm doing it with no teachers and I was pretty scared to drown in the ocean. Really - that's probably the first time in many a years I've swam in the ocean. shhh... don't tell the crew.  But the beach was safe place with the beach being one of those that are pretty flat, but I was suited up and ready to try something new. I must say, it was pretty fun riding onto shore on the tide. There was this one long one I was riding where all my friends seemed to be watching me. Apparently they all had hoped I would try standing up. After a few rides and fighting the waves, tasting the saltiness of the sea and taking in water in my boots and gloves - I called it a day. I joined Shalini on the beach as she sat next to a little fire that was going, that a previous person that was occupying that spot before us. My little pyro self had to make it bigger building the fire up. It warmed us. Along the beach there was dogs everywhere. I wanted to pet them but they were afraid of me when I was in my suit. There was one black retriever that came up to us and sat with us and stayed around like it was one of our dogs. But it wasn't - it had no tags and when we left it had wandered further down the beach as we were leaving. I felt bad, considering we didn't know who the owner was and if it was lost / looking for it's owner. I'm a sucker for animals. I walk back to the car climbing over logs and walking over gravel along the trail back to the car bare foot. Since I was the last one left behind on the beach. And my shoes were in the car - I should have got a piggy back ride from one of the guys now I think about it. Damn it!  - not over the logs - just the trail back to the car. It would have been nice to have a fire camp out on the beach together - maybe next time.

We return to the inn to have someone waiting for us as we arrived. Joe - a native of Tofino and a local wood carver. The few of us that went surfing - showered as Brian and Vik and Shalini Interviewed our guest. The other boys after showering went to go clean off the gear - hosing down the surfing gear. As I joined into the interview. Although I joined in near the end of it - it was interesting to hear the history of the people of Vancouver Island and the proper annunciations of some names of the towns on the island as well. Shalini - being adorable her, asked what he thought of the Sasquatch - if he thought it was real or a hoax. He said that it's real. Earlier that morning - in the other interview the same inquiry was made to another local - they didn't believe in it. I guess the mystery continues. During the interview with Joe - It felt a bit eerie for me as when he looked into my eyes as he spoke I felt like he wanted to ask me - until he did about where I was from. I knew he didn't mean where I live. I told him my ethnicity - being part chinese and 1/8th or is it 1/16? Native Malaysian. It was awesome to get more insight on the Natives of Tofino. It was something new to learn. We said our good byes to Joe and soon after we piled into the van to go to the local grocery store to get stuff to make dinner.

I make dinner - Chinese fried rice - actually it wasn't very Chinese with bacon, sausage with cheedar, and some other ingredients that were in it that didn't make it traditional - oh and it was made with brown rice. I made DJ make the rice - and at some point stir the pan as I kept adding in ingredients. At some point I was making Trevor do it but then I think he needed to go to the washroom. Shalini cooked some curry tofu vegetables plate for her and Vik to enjoy that was for a wrap. I didn't try some cause I was too afraid it was spicy and I don't do well with spicy stuff. I was right next to her when she was cooking it too. I could hear her when she said she thinks she may have put too much spice in it. I also cooked up some sunny side up eggs and some easy over eggs as well to eat with the rice. It turned out alright. All together - the boys excluding Vik - did the dishes. Which was fun to film. It wasn't too soon after we all ended up in the living room together with Shalini playing the piano. I took the opportunity to do some art. I filmed a bit - to our surprise also filmed Trevor playing the piano- me and Shalini thought he was going to play Mary had a little lamb - but he turns around and shocks up playing Cold Play! Yeah. His awesomeness shot up in my books in those few minutes - until he had to have the macbook pro sitting in his lap to help him play a song. I painted with water color pencils and a small canvas a scene of Long Beach. As everyone went to bed - I stayed up a bit to finish the painting and then writing in the autograph book - my thanks. Leaving the painting to Joe - Then Inn Owner of Tofino Trek Inn.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Let's Back Track

Let's Back Track
A week ago I was still in Tofino- what was I doing there. Well some dreams take more than one person to help make it come true. I was simply there to really experience Somethings I never had. At the same time accompany my friend in helping record his first experience in project 100 Sessions to heaven.

We left for the trip on Saturday morning- with me finishing up the 100S2H shirts for the team the following night. I didn't get much sleep the morning of- apparently when i got picked up and arrived at DJ's house - I realized not none of us really got that much sleep - well - I think Vik and Shalini got the most. There was 6 of us on this trip by the way. Me- the graphic designer and artist. Vik - the photographer & interviewer. Brian- tech guru, interactive arts specialist& videographer. Trevor- One of DJ's best friend, surfing buddy, web developer and Future med student. Shalini- musician, singer, songwriter. Then there's the one and only superstar- DJ, who this trip was all for. Where he's on the start of his dream journey to travel the world and surf and snowboard and our first stop was Tofino, British Columbia.

The trip was funny- with me feeling like a mom- yelling at everyone to pack into the car and get ready. But everyone felt pretty chillier of the time- but really- I really wanted all this to work out for DJ - my heart was with the start of this dream- of something greater. I don't think a friend can give anything greater than helping one another fulfill their dreams- except if they give up their lives to save yours. But that's a whole different level. I was wanting this whole trip to be on time- to be shared and most importantly experienced. We couldn't do that if we were to miss the ferry. We got to the ferry - And it seems as though every time we got to the ferry ticket booth DJ shouted - 1adult and 5 kids! And I sat in the car wondering - who the adult would be If that was the case. But we were all adults. We fooled around. I got to pet an awesome big dog! And got on the ferry. When we loaded on the ferry we shot some photos and footage. Ate some awesome vegetable sandwiches for breakfast and when we docked we continued on our way. We stopped at a Tim Hortons as our first stop to get some food to eat. This particular Tim Hortons was so quick as so many people visited and the lines grew. In and out service was crazy impressive!

On most of the drive I have to confess that I kept falling asleep in the car. And where ever we stopped - was like a new adventure. Our first stop was Coombs - Vik pulled us over to see these gigantic statues at this coombs emporium. The statues were well made and were beautiful. I couldn't help myself in mounting a bear statue and having Vik take a photo. I wanted to take a photo with one on the way to Calgary- but that never happened. I fooled about with some statues but it was really all in good fun considering I felt so small compared to them.

Our second stop was Coombs market. With a grass roof - and a friend telling me it was where I would get to see goats on the roof. Yeah- that didn't happen! Apparently they don't go on until it gets more warmer. Spring. But there we met a man who was playing his guitar and singing - busking as they would call it in parking lot. He tells us his story as my friends interview him to hear what his story is. Then he tells us this one story that stuck with me, that all things are possible and that running into anyone anywhere is also a possibility. He tells us that one day that he was playing where he was a few years ago. When a man behind him with a thick Italian accent says to him, " you have a good voice, but you must sing louder!" and goes to proceed to bellow out a tune. He says everyone in the parking lot stopped and turned to see who it was that just sang out loud. The man moves on and it was only after then someone approached him to inquire if he had knew who that man was. He admitted he didn't know who he was and someone told him that it was Pavarotti. The market was cute with the feeling that it's cozy and organic market feeling. Things are pretty cheap, art supplies, traditional wooden toys, fresh baked bread, and a bunch of other stuff. DJ - landed awesome cheese and some jerky. I did feel we may have stopped a bit longer than I liked to have, but I hope everyone with me got something out of it considering this stop was kind of my idea.

Our next stop after this was a road side where DJ - adventurously climbed down, next to follow were me and vik, carrying our cameras. The view was amazing. and what I can say is that DJ - came out from that road side with a stop / slow sign that someone had thrown down / burned. I wanted to pee somewhere in the bushes since we were a while away from a stop - but vik took too long and wanted to take home with him as a souvenir - a wet piece of wood. I must agree that it looked interesting, but .. no comment. We hopped back into the car and our next stop was where I got to go to the washroom in the porta-potty. Fantastic, trying to hold my breath trying to pee. I hop out and we go walking through these trees to a rocky cliff side. While DJ goes hopping through carrying the camera tripod and Trevor and Brian follow. I wander a little with Shalini to find that Vik had wandered off into another cliff side as well. We try to get down to where he is, but our efforts fall short and I return to where the guys are since I was worried that they may fall or something. I start to climb across as well to the guys but there were just this one hop I didn't dare to make. The view was amazing. Filmed a little, took some fabulous photos and as we were leaving Trevor pulls our attention to the water spurting up a ways away from the shore. It was whale! it was our first whale site-ting of the trip!

We film along the way on the way to Tofino - we stop by Long Beach and catch as the sun is just about the go down. The boss of the trip announces that we only have 5 mins there, but of course the other video and photography creatives took their time.

We get to the bed and breakfast Tofino Trek Inn, and settle in before getting ready to go out together to eat dinner together. I ordered the chicken burger with a side of salad and a bellini cocktail. It was nice to sit and eat dinner with a group of friends - especially one that creatively supports one another. The night ends and we all get ready for bed for a long day ahead the next day.

Friday, March 04, 2011

Sleep or Passout

Sleep or Passout
Well - yesterday I went on a pretty adventure looking for fabric paint. I went level to level in the bay in downtown Vancouver at PC to find out that I don't think that they have a kiddies / crafts section at all.
Went home to walk around another mall only to find that whole mall doesn't have any fabric paint either. What kind of stupid mall is that?! That you're looking for this one little thing and it becomes so difficult. I end up getting a bag from winners for 40$ - and I look at the actual brands sales tag. As I'm in line to the counter - original price - 220$ - god - how much do stores over price their products?
I text my friend- they call me up and he ends up coming to pick me up to go to walmart. Before going to walmart we go to a dollar giant and found the white - the other colors they had were neon colors. I'm pretty sure the crew wouldn't want those colors. We hit up walmart and found the rest of the fabric paint colors needed. As we were there in search of the perfect red. I realized my friend was the perfect person to be there with- considering I couldn't reach the colors on the top row of the rack and he was the right height to simply reach over and grab it for me. Man - I feel short. I think I'm the shortest person in DM crew. What I lack in height I make up for in talent ;) . Oh snap! .
I'm getting ready for the trip. the new bag I bought I hope is going to be my new bag for hockey usage. I told my friend he doesn't believe all my gear would fit into the bag. It does with the exception of my helmet. I'm pretty sure I can make it fit. But I didn't intent on fitting int on there anyways.
I think I'm going to have to start cropping and posting all the images I take.
Last night I designed the shirt - printed out the right size for screen printing. Prepped the creation of the screen printing. And did one shirt. I realized I did t protect the layers from front to back and the shirt did bleed through to the shirts back but on all the way through. I'll know better with the other shirts. First ones always a dry run. I passed out till this morning after that. I had the dog sleep in my room and with me since getting home yesterday. He had another pee incident in my room. I feel like I should be taping this stuff. With him, i feel like he's a child that pees where he needs to go with no diaper to save ms. I have to catch him in time to run him to the washroom.
I hope to finish the rest of the shirts tonight and pack for an awesome fun filled weekend with friends. Except I'll be partly working. Should I bring art supplies. Paint while we're there. I should. Try something different in my artistic life.
Sleepy. On the skytrain to work.

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Go, Go, Slow Down, Crash

Yeah that basically summed up my Go-Karting adventure 2. And that's my life goal met.

I'm up late because I just spent time working, trying my best to fix what ever was left that was wrong with the site I'm currently about to launch at the company I work at. I was out a but late - after meeting with friends and going Go Karting and then to dinner.

At the Go Karting place - we were watching the safety video - only to see another old school friend on it. Apparently he used to work there. I was laughing >_<. I should have recorded the video. - I obviously came in last. Got stuck during a lap. Just ended up enjoying being last drifting around the corners. :P My hands hurt after and arms hurt. My arms were pretty short for the steering wheel and legs were too short for the pedals - that the guy who worked there had to adjust the pedals for me.

Before that I was shopping for some T-shirts to make for the upcoming trip.
and before that - work - was tedious trying to update all the client files and news release and blasts and such and such. Everyone's getting ready for PDAC.

All in all - I feel kind of upset that I couldn't get the site I'm about the launch to where I think it should be already. It's rough - with all these other projects coming in and out and needs to be done ASAP. - I need to sleep . G'nite.

I miss Ry already - :( jeebus I need a hug.