Friday, March 25, 2011

Missing people

Missing people
Lately I've been thinking about people I've been missing but - last night dream rattles my thoughts but not my heart. I think it just got me more confused. I would think Id dream of people I'm missing but then I dream of him. I bothers me. If it didn't I wouldn't blog, but it does. Is your brain still in the conditioning of being in "love" with someone long after you've separated? And I didn't think Trev was the last person I fell in love with. I dreamt of my sister living in a loft ( but still with the fiancé family ) . Which isn't good considering the fact she wants to move away from them. What bothers me is that in my dream I was searching for Trev and was very much in the loving him dearly- however when I saw him, he was very skinny. His cheeks sunken in and he was shivering cause he was cold and very scary looking. So much so that I turned away and couldn't look at him and walked away asking him to gain more weight. - Dont remember a whole lot after that. People blowing noses in a group laughing at a peculiar teacher that blew his nose as he wrote on the board. Everyone of the students blew their nose in joking of the teachers manners and I didn't find it very funny.

Im still very sleepy.

Back to reality: I've been working on getting my website back up and I've been looking as how it is I update certain sections of the site but I think I
Figured out a way of setting up the site to be update and informatively easy.

I want to paint- then I think- what do I film with, I'm going to be filming with.

I'm selling off my camcorder and hoping to purchase a better one. One that I don't have to worry too much about battery life / power when plugged in and filming.

I wonder if I should sell off my slr for something more functionality. Like video. Agh thinking too much. I'm gonna take a nap.

I feel over my dream now.
Just too tired now to care.

I might busy up the next weeks. Making money. Saving up. Travel. ( Save up money never being spent on the travel of course )

Life is good. I have great friends. A good love. A good career going. Making a name for myself is hard but it's just the beginning.

I'm here. Still here.

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