Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Morning No Sunshine

Morning No Sunshine
Well this morning isn't much to say as I woke up in time to take a shower. I had to do math several times in my head as kept wondering what time it was I really needed to wake up by. As I laid in bed falling back to sleep then being awaken by another snooze alarm. I raise my head a little from writing this blog and people look at me. :/ I didn't do anything. Jeebus.

I felt a little sad early afternoon yesterday as I thought about a lot of things. But I shouldn't be. Sad that is- not the thinking part.

I brought up the conversation of thought with the Bf about getting a place together since he got upset with me when I was randomly looking at places for rent. I hate these kind of talks. No one ever really realizes what they are saying but I do. It's the- so? Where are we? How serious are we? Do we move to the next level together? Or apart? -
Is it rushing? Or has too much time gone by? How long is too long, and what is not long enough?
And then it all comes to mind - maybe I should just let it flow. Just go on doing my thing before I have to really sacrifice.

I filmed last night as fast as possible. Importing files, exporting files. I tried to see if I could record from my Pc- but I realized I didn't have the right programs. I did some research - to only find - wow maybe I should have got a Mac- everything is so much more easier! And it would have been cheaper! And none of these stupid little programs that really don't do anything on my Pc. Yeah that's right 'apple' lover right here! But I'll learn to love it no matter how much space it takes up! >_< I have to learn how to film and edit with it. Yeah I want live view while filming with a timer on the side that allows me to know how much time has elapsed. And I'm just having a difficult time finding a program that does this. Even movie maker doesn't have live view unless it does and I just don't know how to use it. It's frustrating!

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