Saturday, March 19, 2011

Rewind to the 3rd Day

I wake up early in the morning - earlier than the others in hopes to catch the run rise. Only to find that I was facing the wrong direction - how dumb! I did get some shots of eagles flying by the window in the morning.

I go back to sleep after ready a few pages in my book - and wake up a few hours later. The boys go to drop off the gear early morning. Vik also brings the Van to a local mechanic to look at. Oh did I ever mention that the van was making strange noises before we left up till when we got home? Yeah. Apparently it was either the belt or the gear they sit on that was making a bat / cricket kind of sound. Anyways the rest of us packed up our gear as this was the same day we were heading back home.

We eat breakfast - or those of us that are there - Shalini makes some sandwiches for the guys that aren't and packs it up for them. When they return we load into the car - not loading all our gear just yet as this morning we were going whale watching. We run a little late, Me being a worry bee - wonders if they would leave without us. DJ assures me that they wouldn't start without us. We get there a few mins after 9:30 - and we start filming right away. DJ doing introductions. I start filming as I walk in to the little shop. We sign our names and a waiver. DJ hands me a pen from the whale watching place a souvenir which was adorable to be honest and we all head off down to the docks together. Pairing off as we were walking. I ended up pairing with Trevor as we walked. Shalini with Vik, and behind was DJ and Brian as they went back to the car to get some camera gear. We board the ship and it wasn't long until we got going. I don't know what it was about the boat ride. It's like a relationship that goes sour.

In the beginning you're fine - as it goes on you realize how unsatisfying it is to be there - the ride is fine on the way until you stop to see the sea lions. You try to take a pretty picture only to find out when the boat is still it's so rocky. When we did get to see some whales - they were so far away. Again the boat was rocky at the point which was supposed to be the highlight of the trip out to sea, not only that - most of the friends got sick on the way. The boat ride back to shore was long and cold. I huddled down with my hoodie up and face down next to Brian.

We stopped one last time to check out a bald eagle. To find - they are one of few species on earth that mate for life. It kind of made me sad - that one split second I reminisced when the whole point of this trip was simply for me to NOT think of everything else that's a part of that life back in Vancouver / inland. My life was that moment, being there on a boat with my friends. It wasn't soon after I ended up going down with Brian to the second level of the boat inside where the rest of them were. Vik and Shalini had taken a small nap, as Trevor and DJ became uneasy as well as Brian. DJ however had taken ill more than the others - He gave me the feeling that he was one of those guys that get sick if he's not in the lead. Like if he's not the one driving the car and such. Kind of like Ry. [ Ry thinks I talk about DJ a lot. but then I noticed when I'm with DJ - I talk about Ry a lot ] . I was shivered by the wind - and got annoyed with the rocking of the boat that led me to not get any great shots of the whale.

Before we made our way back to the Inn, we made a trip to a local fish and chips place. Where it was so delicious - too bad I forgot to take a picture of it. I did however take a photo of the crazy crows that were there. Just as DJ, me and Trevor got our fish and chips - DJ placed his plate down to get napkins as Trevor was getting ketchup for his fish and chips the crows swooped down in an instant and pecked at DJ's food. Probably 3-4 of them got a bite. I approached and scared them off but they were such bloody vultures!. As we came close to the end of our meal DJ thought he would see if the crows would come close and feed off of his head. We tried sprinkling food around him, on his head, in his hands... and nothing. We got nothing. I then wonder how I would do in my crow suit. The Gang - every one except for DJ and Trevor wandered the area we were in. Me and Shalini wandered to glass blowing shop as Vik and Brian went to check out the wood carving shop.

We make our way back to the Inn and we sat and talked to Joe for a bit. He thanked me for the painting. I guess everyone didn't think it was something I was leaving with Joe - but it's the least I can do to thank him. He then showed us the footage of his first whale watching trip where he got to PET a whale. YEAH! PET! - I want to pet a whale. *jealous* . I can only image how awesome it would be if that were my first whale watching trip. Totally unreal.

We pack up the Van - find that we don't really have time to go for another surf session and we leave. Tofino. - on the way back to the ferry we stop by the Coombs market, we loop around the market to find that it was closed. Collectively we gave out a sigh together and moved on. We went to a Mediterranean restaurant for dinner. We noticed that the place was full of seniors. But the food was really really good. Maybe old people eat there cause old people know good food.

We get on the ferry - On there I get ice cream. Then we chill, we rest. Return to the car and one by one we return home and the next day - returning to our 9-5.
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