Friday, March 04, 2011

Sleep or Passout

Sleep or Passout
Well - yesterday I went on a pretty adventure looking for fabric paint. I went level to level in the bay in downtown Vancouver at PC to find out that I don't think that they have a kiddies / crafts section at all.
Went home to walk around another mall only to find that whole mall doesn't have any fabric paint either. What kind of stupid mall is that?! That you're looking for this one little thing and it becomes so difficult. I end up getting a bag from winners for 40$ - and I look at the actual brands sales tag. As I'm in line to the counter - original price - 220$ - god - how much do stores over price their products?
I text my friend- they call me up and he ends up coming to pick me up to go to walmart. Before going to walmart we go to a dollar giant and found the white - the other colors they had were neon colors. I'm pretty sure the crew wouldn't want those colors. We hit up walmart and found the rest of the fabric paint colors needed. As we were there in search of the perfect red. I realized my friend was the perfect person to be there with- considering I couldn't reach the colors on the top row of the rack and he was the right height to simply reach over and grab it for me. Man - I feel short. I think I'm the shortest person in DM crew. What I lack in height I make up for in talent ;) . Oh snap! .
I'm getting ready for the trip. the new bag I bought I hope is going to be my new bag for hockey usage. I told my friend he doesn't believe all my gear would fit into the bag. It does with the exception of my helmet. I'm pretty sure I can make it fit. But I didn't intent on fitting int on there anyways.
I think I'm going to have to start cropping and posting all the images I take.
Last night I designed the shirt - printed out the right size for screen printing. Prepped the creation of the screen printing. And did one shirt. I realized I did t protect the layers from front to back and the shirt did bleed through to the shirts back but on all the way through. I'll know better with the other shirts. First ones always a dry run. I passed out till this morning after that. I had the dog sleep in my room and with me since getting home yesterday. He had another pee incident in my room. I feel like I should be taping this stuff. With him, i feel like he's a child that pees where he needs to go with no diaper to save ms. I have to catch him in time to run him to the washroom.
I hope to finish the rest of the shirts tonight and pack for an awesome fun filled weekend with friends. Except I'll be partly working. Should I bring art supplies. Paint while we're there. I should. Try something different in my artistic life.
Sleepy. On the skytrain to work.

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