Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sickly sick

Sickly sick
Well my dad's gone for a check up the other day. And I do pray his tests come our fine. Me however am overdue for my check up. :/ I said I would this year but let's face it - I'm scared. Even worse is today is probably one of my worst symptom days in a long time. I hate seeing red. :/ I guess I just indulge as much as I want to anymore. Now I'm considering doing the week cleanse. I should really look into how they do that. My stomach hurts. I've been eating through out today. English muffin, yogurt, glass of juice... Yeah I don't know my meals by heart but still.

Well at least I drop weight quickly when I'n sick- but that's only cause I don't feel like eating :(

My sister says maybe I should start writing out my horror dreams and maybe they will make movies out of then. I don't know about that train of thought. It might reveal that I maybe a little - crazy.

I've been blogging a lot lately - maybe it's cause I need to get my thoughts out before I actually go crazy.

I really hope I catch the bus today and get home on time. It's game day and I fell asleep near the end of the last game we had.

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