Tuesday, May 24, 2011


There are random days that go particularly well and I can't help but feel a bit loved by someone watching from above. How mysterious it is the little things. For me this morning is that a specifically long light crossing changes just in time for me to catch the bus. That rarely ever happens.

Well that's probably the only story I have today. I spent my weekend at the bf's cleaned his place as I was there watching movies to kill time - looking and doing some calculations of financials and and checking up on side work.

Fei ( our grey cockatiel ) was taken yesterday. He seems to be in a mess since Pidge died. Like he misses him or he could just be wanting not to be alone. But he hates people. My dad thinks he knows he's dead and gone. I think Fei is just THAT stupid not to know he's dead... Just thinks maybe he went missing or hid or what not. I kind of miss Pidgeotto - he was very cute in his quirky ways. There was this one time I was working out and he wanted to watch me or play with me. He flew over to the weight set and perched himself there and watched by my side as I worked out. He then proceeded to try to land on me and then to the ground as he proceeded to graze on the hardwood floor. Quirky is the only way to put it. My sister came over for dinner yesterday with baby and Peter. Ethan is as cheeky as ever. I see a little of my brother in him as he starts to talk gibberish to everyone. Yup that makes me think of my bro. It's a bit mean / cruel to say but hey when the shoe fits.

I really should start to paint again. I have ideas in my head and all I ever really do need to do is just - start.

Its all we ever really do to take steps towards what we ever truly want.

Now the question is should you ever wait for someone to catch up to what you're striving for? Especially when you want it to be together?

What's another year? I ask myself.
And then I wonder- do I have another year to give?

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