Thursday, June 30, 2011

Giving In - Giving Up

Giving In - Giving Up
I've been thinking about the future of my relationship with Ry. I want to help him with what stresses him out the most and help him relieve some tension about that subject but it doesn't help when he feels he should deal with it on his own and that he is. No - dealing with it for the last year. And what has changed? Was there a plan? And did it follow through to this year? What was sacrificed? What was gained?

My back hurts - my diet is not the best right now cause of me feeling sick on and off. Maybe after work when I get home I'll go for a run. Or should I go visit my sister today? :/ Hmmmm. The choices.

I miss DJ - he'd post an update on Facebook at times but :/ I hope he's safe. Lol - he told me not to worry - and whoever is dumb enough to mess with someone who was just there to train for Mui Thai - deserves a butt kicking.

I officially feel - stuck.
Unhappy. And disgusted with myself for reasons I won't explain.

But I know things will get better because I just have to take that first step. No matter why step it is - it will be one for the better.

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