Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Goodbye - Hello - Life

I had an adventurous day as well. In the morning I woke up and texted my friend Ben who I haven't seen in months. We were supposed to do breakfast but ended up doing lunch cause we're so lazy to wake up early. Well I am for the time being cause - hey I'm on vacay time. Ben teases me about being single and I tease him about him and his girlfriend. We end up having lunch at Cattle Cafe in Burnaby.

There was a baby that sat next to us that was 2 and as he left I said goodbye and shyly he waved goodbye to me but snubbed Ben... Lol. Ben then after helped me swing by Ry's to pick up the remainder of any items left over and dropped off the remainder of his that I had. We didn't even say hi or bye as we did our exchange - he was on the phone so we just waved and I simply just left. By the time I was back in the car I realized my shoes were not in the bag. I didn't care - I can buy new pair of white heels. Those were scuffed and scratched to heck. Soon after Ben drops me off at Nanaimo skytrain station and head downtown to pick up my final package from work that arrived allows me to finish up my ring light build. After I got that - I booked it back home to quickly change and head back out to meet up with Chris who picked me up at Joyce station. We head back to his place as he changed and got ready for for our run and soon after James joined us and we headed over to the track. I do a walk and jog around the track a couple times non-stop as the guys did their own run and walk around the track.

After our run we head back to Chris' to check out where we would go out for dinner. We end up going to Romer's. A burger place that just opened up not too long ago. The food was delish and after that Chris and James dropped me off at home. :)

Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Night . SYL
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