Wednesday, September 07, 2011

OMG - That's Hot! - Date#14

Work was overload - actually not so much today. Today was quite nice with Sonia in. Things coming in and out and I get to spend half the day backing up our systems. Sonia goes and gets lunch for us as I stay behind and man office. She goes to this Vietnamese bun place that's called Bun Me. I've never had one of their subs before. She gets it for me and she had asked for mild. I didn't even look through the bun before I took a bite. Thinking something was just green pepper, it didn't take long for me to hit a jalapeno pepper and my tongue was on FIRE! I had soya milk there as I was drinking this and could not even feel or taste anything. I soon look through the bun with tears in my eyes and picked out the rest of the hot pepper. I have never done so well with anything hot. The rest of the bun was delicious!


Sonia goes and returns some other times to Bun Me as well but they never get the spiciness of the bun right.

"Maybe they just keep giving people the wrong orders" - I said.
Date#14 - Chicken Pot PiesDate#14 - Chicken Pot Pies
Date#14 - Chicken Pot Pies
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