Thursday, January 12, 2012

Happy 2012

I've been contemplating for a while to write my first post of the year. I wondered how it would be like. What would I say and in the end it came to the point where I was simply just thinking too much. ( Thinkitus ) This holiday season was full of festivities and events. Some with such a long line up that we just walked away from the event ( festival of lights. ) I hope it really snows next year so the lights can be that much more prettier.

This year the new year was spent the way it should have always been. How every new year should be rung in and spent with someone you love. Family. Friends. This Christmas and new years was very different from the last. This year I didn't get a lot ( physical possessions ) but I did get a lot out of it.

B-'s friends over the holidays have made me see the insight of how much family love there is there that surrounds him. Family not just in blood, but the family you choose to create with - the friends around you. So many of them so forwardly embracing - you feel their warmth. It's so different from what I've adapted to over the years. It's always a little awkward to meet and come into a new family, but it's also very comforting to feel that feeling like - 'that's where you should always have been.' It's the kind of loves and friendships that so many seek or seek to build and perhaps even a few experience. To walk into the middle of an evolution of relationships is always interesting to experience. Especially when you feel and become so well aware of the evolutions of the relationships that you take part of.

I step back and know see the changes of the 365 and what it's done. It's another year and what are our achievements ... dreams ... goals. What are the ones we did reach.

I think about one of my friends - who I'm so proud of.

One who once hated his job, at times he even seemed like a sad bear. He had a dream, a passion and yet didn't choose to seek it. Me and Esjay sat at the table with him and said that if he didn't have the tools he needed to pursue his dreams we would sacrifice a few dollars from our wallets to provide them for him. Eventually he ended up quitting his job and at first apprehensive of what he would do for money, me and Esjay were very positive in the fact that he was talented enough that Life would just accept his passion and fuel it. Now he's a booked photographer, doing events, filming and creating a beautiful example of a happy life. Well I hope it is anyways. My props goes out to

Just as equally impressive is Shalini. When I first met her, heard her music. Shivers down my spine. I pegged success for her. She's a little something different. A little something that no one else I know has. How can I describe her? I want to say she's like a rising sun that doesn't set. I'm watching her rise and it's so beautiful, all the steps she is taking. She shines when she's performing and it's like basking in the sun. All you really want to do is sit back and enjoy it. Slowly she went from playing here and there... now she's hit the local radio stations! I love it.

D-Meth . is currently and soon coming to it's fifth revolutionary cycle. Re-inventing the wheel is not easy. Just like seeking out true happiness in life. Wait that's easy... it's enjoying the difficulties - that's hard. Knowing what can truly make you happy is also half the battle. Not everyone discovers this so easily. But it's nice to know there's a group of friends that are there who want nothing but the best for you. I will also embody this virtue of happiness, always wanting the best for my friends and family in happiness and success.

Personally. I've been fighting some things. Slowly coming to the conclusion that 2012 is truly the year of letting go of a lot of things. It's the year to no longer take those many little glimpses back. To step out of my comfort zone. To take on a path that is new and adventurous. Because just as important were the stepping stones you laid .. you already know the path behind you.. what really matters is the path ahead.

Happy 2012

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