Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I lost it. Oh, I found it.

Dinner @ Santouka : Ramen
Best I've ever had in Vancouver! and should - considered it's known to be.
DELICIOUS! 5/5 ***** 

On the way home to BJ's place he realizes he's lost his house keys. He had his car keys but not the ones to his home. We call the Restaurant to see if that was where he had dropped the keys. Soon after we end up going back downtown to in search of it and our first location was his parking garage and as we drove in we saw nothing. We then stepped out of the car after parking and looked around. Started our walk back to the restaurant where we just were and a few steps away from the stall we spotted the keys. -Thank Goodness- I had prayed for them to be not far from the parking stall. So our search wouldn't take so long :) didn't expect it to be so short! It was a good night.
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