Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Feeling a little lost

I'm in a time right now where I'm actually feeling a little lost. I really can't explain it. I wish I really could, but I think everyone has or feels this way once and a while... right? ~ I mean - maybe I feel like I really need some down time. I'm slightly sad. I miss Mr. CC - I saw the cutest Boston Terrier today and wanted it >_< she was so adorable. I saw her as I was walking home from the skytrain station and she paused a few steps behind her masters and began to eat something off the ground. I thought to myself. A dog was is just like a child. I wanted to stop her from eating whatever she was eating, but she wasn't my kid. Dogs will be dogs. But I can't afford a dog right now, or even time to give - the right amount of love and attention it truly would deserve.

I walked into work today and found my computer had been moved into an office room. One right by the window with a view. It's a major downgrade of a table size. But after a few years on an over-sized table that faces a wall. I rather have a downsized table that faces the window. I should be happy- I was happy. I am happy- yet some what uncomfortable...but I should make the best of things.

A girl pushed her way through to an empty seat today on the train. No excuses or offers. It was just rude.  I still look for a seat now and then but the trains seem so full during these seasons. I really don't know why. It seems people choose their seasons to ride. Or perhaps it's the Gas Prices.

For the last few days I hadn't had internet. 4 days + Since Wednesday. Someone in my building moved out / someone upgraded or downgraded their cable features or something but we got disconnected in the "cable room" of the condo. So if it's Shaw's fault - do we get compensated? what do we get at the end of the month? for them the schedule the service guys to come when our building manager would not be in? what do we get when someone else made a mistake in the first place? besides a bill? You can always move services... I have to think about this one.

I think I got a bit of a cough from the silicone and expanding foam I was working with last night. Filling up some cracks and gaps.
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