Monday, June 11, 2012

So Camera Shy!

Why Koji is so camera shy, it really beats me! - I whip out the camera to take a pic of him and B' together and he just freezes and looks at the camera. I try to take a pic of him and me together and he tries to tuck his head under my neck & shoulder. TOO SHY! TOO CUTE >_

Friday, June 08, 2012

Can't Get Enough Love...

He actually wants to sit between the two of us, so we can both love him at the same time... and then he gets enough and goes away.

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Art & Giving

I have not blogged through my phone for a while now, life has been keeping me busy. But I'm glad to be doing what I do, am very happy to be where I am today. Although it does seem that time is traveling fast. Half the year has gone by already ~ everything so quickly. Somedays it feels like looking into the future. Just yesterday, I thought we were going into Friday. That today was already the end of another week. Why did I think of such a thing? - Well the fact that I had checked my phone for the date and I swore I saw 'Thursday' tagged onto it- I saw it and thought already?! Did I miss the event already? Is it this month? Or next month? - The event I'm talking about Is one happening tonight. A Charity Event - I painted some pieces for and sent them in for an auction that's happening. I didn't hear from them - thinking - the art I submitted may not be used. The Event: Do You Doodle, a charity event for the Surrey Hospice.

Surrey Hospice Society - Art Auction
Surrey Hospice Society - Art AuctionSurrey Hospice Society - Art Auction
Surrey Hospice Society - Art Auction Surrey Hospice Society - Art Auction
Surrey Hospice Society - Art Auction Surrey Hospice Society - Art Auction
Surrey Hospice Society - Art Auction
I went to the event. It was a silent auction all around where the art work is displayed around the room - all nicely framed with a sheet infront for people to bid. I've donated artwork to charity before, but never got to attend to see what my artwork was able to contribute. I came a little late, after commuting home, having a bite to eat and waiting for B-. We headed straight on over. Okay maybe not straight over, since we went to the wrong place at first but when I got there I was greeted by Shalini. Walked around the room and saw the different people who had donated their art to the Surrey Hospice. Some very famous and talented artists! I felt very privileged to even have my artwork displayed amongst them and see how I stood. Two of my pieces were auctioned together as a pair ( Goldfish ) - and one 'Koi on Black' was auctioned off alone. The two together - when I last saw went for more than 85$ , the single piece went also for more than 85$. Alex Burrow's doodle which sat just an artwork away from mine. Interesting. I ended up bidding on a piece that was interesting to me, which now sits in my living room.

All in all I felt that next year I will probably donate more. I'm also looking to donate more artwork to other charity auctions. - That's if I can find any / or any that would like me to contribute to their event. :)

Enjoy my art. I hope the ones that bought them enjoy them too.

Oh yes I forgot to add that Vik! of also donated two of his images to be auctioned. I wished they had gone for more though :( he's so talented. I should have bid on one of his images :) maybe next year.

Good Night, Good - Afternoon, Good Morning. - Where ever you are.

- LIFE GOAL #16- Donate Art Pieces for charity and see how much they can sell for [DONE]

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

I'm Pez To Be With You

If I am ever at a store getting something, like toothpaste, or showergel - If I see something I think B- would love, I would indulge a little too. -  If I get him a present, I would get home and try to hide it somewhere. My first few times were pretty lazy hides. But even this time I thought I was pretty good at hiding it, but I guess not. He found it pretty quickly. I got him the Darth Vader Pez dispenser and candy & Hello Kitty for myself! :) This is my very first ... Ever! :)

Saturday, June 02, 2012

Eat! Van

It was B-s first time to Eat! Vancouver! - just a few weeks ago I took him to Epic! Expo - and it seems like he liked that one more. But we did have a bit of a buying goodies here and there frenzy. Prices were good, and the food was satisfying. But what happened to the Oyster Shuckers - I was looking forward to that booth! I was however quiet impressed with the amount of local producing product stalls. Especially in the sodas.