Sunday, September 02, 2012

Hike To The Top

chief peak 2 

We go for a hike to the chief, peak 2. Photo by: TW

The day started not so well, it felt as though BJ had ripped my soul apart. You know when someone wakes you from a deep deep sleep. Your brain just doesn`t seem to adjust as quickly as if you were to be woken up naturally. That`s exactly what happened. Most of the hike was difficult because - one - I`m out of shape. Second - because I`m still half asleep.

Note to self: At The Chief, there is a big public washroom. Do not go to the portable potties that is right by the parking lot. Do not listen to the boys when they tell you that there are no more washrooms beyond that point.


That`s what happened to me. I held my breath and went to the out house and a few steps later there was the giant public washroom and the boys went to pee there -_- *sigh*

 I can only say that I woke up on the way up to peak 2, it was because if I didn`t pay attention, I would die.
I later tell this story to my sister, where she said, if I did not pay attention all the time, I could die.

The following is the view from peak 2. It`s the only place I have ever been so close to chipmunks. 


After The Hike
we went to go get some sushi and bubble tea for a light lunch @ Nishiki in Vancouver

IMG_1910 IMG_1909 
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