Friday, January 18, 2013

Making Bread in a Rice Cooker

I was introduced to an anime called "Yakitate Ja-pan". It's about a boy who discovers the love of baking and has what some called "solar hands" - warm hands which are great to have for bakers. In one of the episodes (episode 27) it gives you a recipe and instructions to make bread in a rice cooker.
I tried it and to my surprise. It worked!


If you're interested in trying this recipe, you can do so at the following link:

Sunday, January 06, 2013

The Mount Baker Trip

The trip to mount baker was a great get together with a group of friends about 12 people housed in a small cabin. I slept in the living room with two others, and in the middle of the night, certain members could be heard as they shook the house with their snores. I'm pretty sure when I passed out I joined the symphony.

Early next day we got ready to hit the mountains for some snowboarding and skiing. Some others went snowshoeing. I found out that I was a horrible snowboarder on the small slopes and did better on the blue hills. The only part of snowboarding that I realized I didn't enjoy was the moment when you reach the bottom of the hill and someone boards into your path. You then have to decided if you're going in too fast, if you should slowdown. And when you do slowdown - you don't have enough momentum to reach the lift. so you have to unstrap yourself and waddle the rest of the way. We all met up as we left and drove through the mountain path with the snow as high as the cars.

By night we made dinner and played games, I snuggled the dog - Buibui, a very playful Wheaten Terrier. The next morning we all had breakfast, and packed up to leave. We had a little water incident but it was dealt with before leaving. When we got back to Surrey, our carpool friends picked up their car and dog - Oscar. Who seemed to watch us on guard on our trip home.