Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Happy 2 Year

Happy 2 Year

I thought about it for a while what would be a good gift to give him for 2 years. I got him a pretty awesome Spider-man sleeveless top which is cool, nice and airy for our upcoming trip. A handmade card that had letters I have from some arts and crafts thing - now looking at it, it totally looks like a stalker card. Hahaha. I got him a very fashionable knitted tie ( which he does not have in his collection of ties ). and the Big sock monkey to go with the little sock monkey.

We then went to eat at Oyama on Kingsway. I like the sushi there, it's well presented but the service sometimes is not so great, the food takes a long time to come out, and flagging down someone takes a while.

Happy 2 Year Happy 2 Year

After dinner I remember going to a party, one of B-'s best friends. The party ended with a group of people playing cards against humanity and the cops coming to the door. 

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