Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Top 24 Moments of 2013

Most of the time, when it gets to the end of the year, I start to feel like I haven't accomplished anything in 2013. It feels like NOTHING happened when in reality, a lot did. I have to remember that the expectations sometimes I have for myself are ridiculous. Although having high expectations of yourself is not a bad thing, it isn't the greatest for you sometimes either. You can really bring yourself into this states of depression that even you yourself cannot pinpoint the reason. Because sometimes that's just how depression works. I learned, as I was organizing a years worth of photos - moving them from my mobile to my computer, there has been a bunch of noteworthy moments. Moments that reminded me that this happened and it was great, even if it was bad. Here are the top 24 highlights I should always remember that happened in 2013 (chronological).

1. The Mount Baker Trip

A bunch of friends coming together to go on a trip should always be remembered.Snow high as the cars, the drinking and video games, the laughs, the snoring that shook the cabin and the water mishaps.

2. Baking Bread in the Rice Cooker

I was encouraged to watch an anime on baking. In one of the episodes, it teaches you to bake bread in the rice cooker. Me being me, I had to try it out. It worked. I was amazed.

3. Boyfriend's Midnight Birthday Madness

I don't understand how I could forget this happened. Where friends came to the door at midnight to surprise the boyfriend on his birthday, all masked like him and with a cake. Too bad boyfriend didn't know and went arming himself with a bat. No one got hurt, and everyone got cake.

4. Shalini's Music Video

It felt like it was a long time coming, and being a part of making it all happen was watching magic in the making. I can see why people go into the movie making business. Even though it's hard work, the final product will always be satisfying.

5. My Back Breaking

I suffered a slipped disc this year around early April. It felt like I was breaking. It was the most pain I've ever been in my life.

6. The Ambulance Ride

Two paramedics come, Jason and Jason, whom one strangely looks like an older version of my friend Jason....During my trip to the hospital, Jason who sat with me in the back took my heart rate again, and tried to start an IV drip line for me but failed three times. So I ended up going into the hospital with bandages on both wrists

7. First Time Admittance To The Hospital

8. The Recovery

The next two weeks only having one rest day in between the two, I would go for acupuncture daily. It helped a lot and I experienced how much love my parents had for me. It felt like being driven so close to insanity and almost loving me so much I was about to be smothered to death by LOVE... I would lose the month of April, recovering from this injury and spend the month of May trying to make it back.

9. Hustling To Catch Up

I can't really explain how losing a month feels, spending it in bed. the most honest thing I can really say. It's great to spend a day in bed to spend a month is depressing. You start to learn not to take the ability to walk for granted, or even standing up straight, or sitting up for a matter of fact. But being able to get back in your feet and do things is wonderful, but hustling the make up time. The days are long, I spend it making glue, mounting paintings. My little condo has turned into a studio filled with colours and the smell of rice paper lined with silk and when I'm waiting for the glue to dry, I'm graphic designing the print and online material.

10. Spending Time, Building Easels and Frames

It was hard, doing it on my own. Then my friends came around to help out, it became better. Without them I don't know how I would have been able to finish in time. During the building of the easels it felt like a roller coaster. Designing, watching the budget, making sure all materials came in in time, purchasing the right materials for the build, coming up with alternative solutions to save money, to save time. Most of all I had to deal with things I could not control. The weather, and someone stealing some of the posts of the easels. I think the theft really upset me. I didn't see what anyone could do with routed 2x2x8 posts.

Making the frames was a learning experience. Who learns how to frame artwork just before doing an art show?! Yeah I did. Framing is easy, it's making sure you have all the right measurements, materials, and time. Painting the frames was certainly no easy task.

11. BC Children's Hospital - Telethon - Kids Play Area Volunteer

I don't know how this happened but I just found myself as a volunteer for the BC Children's Hospital during their telethon event. Since I had experience as a face painter, I offered my services for this event and worked the kids play area.

12. The Wedding - Dinner

I didn't get the chance to go to their service during the day as I was working items for the art show. But the dinner was wonderful, and the speeches really left everyone on the verge of tears. Everyone still had a bit of fun. Two beautiful families becoming one.

13. The Artshow

It happened, even with the main staff getting little to no sleep. We dedicated and made this dream a reality. It raised money for great causes. The turn out wasn't bad and everything went well through the night. The art show got coverage by a local Chinese newspaper.

14. Cherry Picking and Winery Trip

Cherry picking didn't last very long. Since the cherries were - unripe or overripe. So we ended up buying most of our cherries. We visited some wineries in the Okanagan, beautiful and delicious. Spending time with friends is always great.

15. Visiting the BCSPCA


I visited the BCSPCA the day before my Hawaii trip to drop off the donation collected from the art show.
I got to walk around and look at the animals. It was my first time being there. I wish I could have taken some lovelies home with me.

16. The Trip To Hawaii

A fun and relaxing trip of eating and drinking, enjoying fireworks, the beaches and sitting on trolley tours.

17. Knight Slaying of Pedo Bear Engagement

An epic engagement. No it wasn't mine. It was of two fantastical friends. Who are crazy awesome and had this crazy awesome engagement. Hats go off to Angus for pulling this off.

18. The Halloween - SloMo Video Shoot

Four alumni + a special helper secretly filmed and musically scored a slow-motion booth for charity at our old high school. Even the students had no idea what was happening. Hours and hours of unsolicited volunteer time later...here we have it. Desi Method Photography by Vikaash Prasad - [thinkvik] 

19. Birth of Umber, Lunch with an Old Friend

I realized being with fantastical old friends - is that we don't really change that much to one another. We still love each other the same no matter how much time passes between us. Our lives has changed, have families, live in different cities. Friendship love is a language of it's own. I didn't take any pics of my friends baby cause I keep forgetting to take pics but she's super cute.

20. Launched GFBFDOG

This project - mainly for the new year was created for catching the memories and events that happen within our lives with one another ( the boyfriend, dog and I). It was talked about for a while, and sketches have been in the works the last few months. In the last few weeks of Dec. GFBFDOG was launched and now shares its moments with the world.

21. Christmas Caroling on Robson Street

I'm the one wearing really blue jeans and a yeti hat. A friend started a society called HUM - which helps raises money for charities through music. So he gathered a group of people together and went caroling down Robson street to raise money for the Vancouver food bank. In two hours we raised 445$.

22. Learned to play the Ukulele

I purposely created this thumbnail to be NOTHING about what's going to happen in the video because well, I'm not a pro Ukulele player or singer. This is just a gift to someone far away.

23. Kept Christmas Spending Under 150$

This Christmas was certainly a budgeted one. It's not about getting but giving.

24. Koji's New Tricks

Roll-over, Kiss-Kiss, Right paw / left paw - BOTH PAWS!, catch the treat that's resting on your nose, and Reverse!
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