Saturday, May 31, 2014

Miracle Weekend 2014

Vandalizing like a 5 year old for #MiracleWeekend with @ShaliniMusic - strangely satisfying.

This is my second year that I've volunteered some of my time to face paint at Vancouver Children's Hospital Miracle Weekend. This year I was asked to do some chalk art all around the path towards the main event tents. It's also the first time face painting I've had a kid ask for a full face paint job! I've face painted estimated 6 previous events in the past, and have never had a full face request till now. I didn't take a picture of the kids with the full on face paint but they were fun to do.

  Miracle Weekend 2014 Miracle Weekend 2014 Miracle Weekend 2014
Miracle Weekend 2014
I really commend the guys / girls that dressed up in the Transformers outfits to cheer up the kids.
It was really cool to see. :)

I can't wait to be back next year, perhaps I'll do two days straight next time. And maybe I'll take more photos of the face painting work I do. Enough to make a portfolio? .. mmmMmMmm *thinking*
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