Sunday, October 12, 2014

Child of light, what a beautiful game. Though I felt it too short - oh what a shame. ;)

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For the longest time when I started to play this game. It made me feel like I knew this character a long time ago. But from where? I realized there used to be a game I played on the computer called "Pocket full of Stars" of a little girl with red hair and yellow dress jumping up and collecting stars.

But the artwork of this game also reminding me of another game - Okami.
I seem to know I enjoy the old artistic looks of art. The game was like a storybook, with magic, wonder, beautiful art. I loved it and at the same time, wish there was more. The story was far too short. There is the Old ~ yet I'm searching why put OLD - if there isn't a new. :(

I would definitely let my little girl play this game or even little boys. But I hope the creatures don't give them nightmares. Till then... I'll be waiting for the sequel. Not bad for getting the game for only 15$. 
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