Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Leaving #NYC

Leaving #NYC in security line, I blindly say to the man behind me he to go ahead of me if he wanted.. He said "what? you got lots of stuff?" ..I turn and look up to see #Shaq #iamsosmall

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In the moments I met Shaq...

I was at the New York airport and just placing my carry-on on the conveyor belt, as I was in the process of grabbing a bin, taking off my shoes, to place into it. I see my bf rushing to take all items off and get through security as fast as possible. There wasn't many people around us and I told him to slow down, there wasn't any need to rush. He did the opposite and went faster. -_- *sigh* As I was taking off items off my persons, I instructed blindly to the man / men behind me that they could go ahead of me if they wanted to, then I proceeded to pulling off my jacket and scarf. I hear a familiar deep voice, say "What? you got that much stuff?"... I slightly could see at the corner of my eyes that this was a tall man. I replied... "no, just still need to pull out stuff from my purse."
When he got ahead of me with his security guard /friend with his LV bag and such, he smiles through his sunglasses and says, "What, how much stuff you got in your purse?!"... I look up and replied with a smile, "just my ipad and phone." I realized I was talking to SHAQ! I followed behind him through security line, and then I kindly asked if I could get a picture with him. He replies, "Alright, just make it faster then you were in line." I quickly hand my cellphone to my bf. Shaq then he grabs my wrist and asks if that's a nike fuel band and says he has one too. I thank him for taking the picture with me, and we part ways.

This moment taught me that ... sometimes in life, you should just slowdown, because you'll never know what's going to happen.

It was an awesome way to end my first time visit to New York. 
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