Saturday, October 04, 2014

Murals Home For Now and Eat Fraser Valley

So in the morning we headed out to a salon opened up by my sisters friend called: Open to Beauty. Dropping off a painting series for it to be hung there. I'm thinking of doing more pieces to showcase there. It's a nice space. Here's a photo of the painting all nice and hung.

As I was dropping off the painting, Koji got a pet blessing from a priest that was sitting next door outside at the coffee shop, giving out pet blessings for St. Francis of Assisi's day. :)

We headed to B-'s mom's and aunties to pick them up as we were all going to Eat Fraser Valley! It was pretty interesting spending the afternoon with them, as this is their first 'Eat' event. Yi-ma ( Chinese for second mom / auntie ) reminded me very much of my own mom. As we had to watch her carefully or she would go off on her own without notice. I would say she's more bold to go off on her own to new tables and try everything! I personally thought it was pretty awesome. We got to try a lot of different items and this year again B- and I went for the sausage competition. It was interesting to see that B- and his Yi-ma have the same tastes of what they liked and didn't like. Me and B-'s mom have the same tastes in what we liked and didn't like. I bought some soya milk as the event as it was going for 3 for $5, and I also got a small jar of Omega Sprinkle. So I can remember to get more fiber and whatnot into my diet. B- , his mom and auntie got some pepperoni and some salmon and tuna goods. Our day was eventful with lots of good food tastings. I'm glad the aunties had a good time.

After dropping off Yi-ma and dropping Mama-J home, she tells us that Yi-ma is upset and currently mourning the death of her best friend. It was just a few days earlier that her friend was involved in a car accident and didn't survive. It was sad new to hear, my heart goes out to her.
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