Wednesday, October 08, 2014

September to October, I was addicted to building. Wall shelf And two chests.

I don't know what to tell you. Almost every month has been like this. Something addicted to. Something that needs to get done. For a long time now me and B- were thinking of filling the awkward voided space that our little dvd shelf makes along with the floating shelves we had.
Our DVR which we don't use anymore because we no longer had TV - sat on one shelf, as the wii, and the ps3 had their own too. We had a big book shelf next to our dining room table which took up more space than needed, and it was decided that One big bookshelf was all we needed. The goal was to get rid of the entertainment shelf.

In the early September I took measurements, bought some materials for the build. After putting on the two main wall supports to hold all the weight of the shelves. I learned my ruler was wrong that had taken down all original measurements. But not only that, the main boards were warped. So, all new materials excluding the screws and bolts had to be re-purchased. Properly measured and purchased by B-, I finished the sanding and staining and sanding again and placement of all goods, as seeing most of the things on it are mine.

All did not go to waste however, as B- wanted some patio chest benches to place miscellaneous items in. So the shelf boards from the first build with some scrap boards went to the building of the chests. building, sanding and staining and sanding again. The final product is the one brown chest as you see below the image of unstained chest - that was the picture I took and sent to B- when I finished building the first chest.

There are still remaining pieces of wood from the wall shelf build - which will be used to build shelves for under the sinks in our place. ( I'm trying to see if there are easy expendable shelves to purchase for cheap / and cheat builds I can do. ) - The main side boards from the original wall shelf build will be used to build the computer stand so my cpu doesn't sit ontop of my desk.

The removal of the entertainment shelf has now left our place looking rather... larger... and I don't know.... emptier to me. B- says now we have more wall space for more pictures as it is our family wall. :)
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