Monday, January 19, 2015

I'm so sad right now

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Ok, this photo was taken at 6:40am  in the morning. I was sitting at McDonald's with the boyfriend because the fire alarm in our building went off.

We were awoken by blaring alarm. The boyfriend quickly checks the condo and grabs the step ladder to see if he can turn it of. (Jeebus, it was adorable) Because when he sat the step ladder down, I asked him what he was doing. He said he wanted to turn it off, I said he couldn't do that. It's the building alarm that was going off. I knew this because I'd been the one whose been home for all the fire alarm testings. I said the building is on fire, not the suit.

So, apparently when my house is on fire, all I would do is put on a jacket / sweater and grab is my purse. I didn't even put on glasses.

At McDonald's I was sad, because I was blind. I couldn't see anything very clearly at all. We ate breakfast, and it was all eyes wide open for me during this time.

After returning to the building we went back to bed... it wasn't till sometime later around 9 when we went on with our day we found out it was someone in my building had pulled the alarm because they thought they had smell gas on the fourth floor.
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