Wednesday, January 14, 2015

One flower girl dress down... Hope BabyC fits it when the time comes @bysusychen

via Instagram

Making the flower girls dresses for my wedding.
Hand sewn, because my sewing machine is broken at the moment.

2 tutu skirts = 6$
Lace edging around = 4$
The lace on the body of dress was left over from my veil making.
Silk Ribbon for back of dress was left over from pack of ribbon I bought for $3 to make my garter.
Pink backing behind the lace was from a pink scarf I got for $2.
Inside underlining was scraps salvaged from a dress I'm fixing.

All in all I think the dresses I'm making will have cost me 20$ or less. Where purchasing them would have cost me $20 per dress. Time to make it, may a day or so plus, but I have lots of time to spar these days.

One dress down, another one to go. 
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