Sunday, June 28, 2015

It is Happening

I've waited a long time to really update what's going on with me and my little life in a little blog.
What is happening feels a little bit like being in a dream like state, and not. It feels like I've been suspended for a while - within that moment when you're awake and falling a sleep. That moment when you feel your body falling into perfect rest and you begin to hear the voices that are being created in your mind. In a way you can say, the state where your dreams are pulling you in. This is my dream pulling me in.

I visited New York in October of 2014 because sometime after my art show in 2013, a gallery in New York contacted me to see if I was interested in having my art promoted by them, and having my art shown in their gallery, and also receive representation by them. It took me sometime to think about this greatly, it weighed on my heart and thoughts, so with great support my better half decided. He decided we should at least see the gallery before anything else and we flew to New York while he was on the east coast working. We also went to visit this gallery to see if they were the real thing, and it was. On the island of Manhattan, in the Chelsea district. In all honesty, I found it a bit strange how their gallery is laid out, on different floors with separate entrances, but all in all they are a well established Art Gallery.

Maybe I should rewind a bit, for those that have known me - my friends, especially the ones that helped me realize my solo-exhibition here in Vancouver, have heard of me speaking of dreams and goals with art. I've said something along the lines that getting recognition of your art in a city like San Francisco would be a great achievement but New York would be greater. I guess the universe heard me.

In the beginning of 2015 (January - February) I did it. I signed a contract with this New York gallery.

Now, it is happening. They have just emailed me with the selected paintings they would like to hang in the gallery for the upcoming exhibition.

I record this today, a few weeks shy of the anniversary of my solo exhibition, a part of me felt it was time. Time to get it out of my system. Time to let my family and friends know, time to truly thank them for their support and love all these years. I don't think I can express how grateful I am.


I truly feels like my dreams are pulling me in.
It scares me, because I know I'm awake and it's really happening or maybe I'm afraid I'll just wake up.

Click Here to View more information about the Gallery that's representing me! :)
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