Friday, April 01, 2016

2D to 3D

High school math for the win. Been working on this one for a while #kingdom hearts #keyblade #kairi

Truly difficult to figure out some math hurdles I faced while enlarging the already illustration I got online. Envisioning it in 3d in my brain and making it come to life is not an easy task, but oddly fulfilling to know I have the ability to do it.

It is made from perler beads. These little plastic beads you grid up on a tray and iron and melt and shape. to create anything your hearts desire. This 3d version of Kairi's keyblade from Kingdom Hearts is not without its rough edges and imperfections. I can choose to sell it, if anyone wants it, or perhaps I will use it one day for cosplay or Halloween.

I looked up a lot of other Kairi Key Blades before deciding to make mine, and realized many of them were well done, but seemed to miss the little things. The heart in the flowers, the crown on the handle butt. But working off a game sketch of the key blade was something I had to do. Trying to gradient the design / colors was difficult but it's the best I could do with what I have. I think regardless it looks pretty cool, even if it is to dawn my walls till one day my kid just asks, what is that?! and I let them ( hopefully) fall in love with KH. 
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