Thursday, August 04, 2016

The Organizing of Secret Agent Training

So a month before we headed out to our yearly summer trip. After hearing B~ didn't have the WHOO HA of a Bachelor party. I thought I would put plan something that would tie in his groomsmen, and something to also celebrate the 5 year anniversary of our 1st date. All to fall on our weekend get away. I rounded up the friends going on the trip, giving them the heads up of what I'm planning and bought all the gear and planned and spent my time wisely on what I could DIY. I also had to google "How to be a secret agent" - which was funny and interesting at the same time.

Why "Secret Agent Training" ? - Well, B~ constantly has dreams [ sleeping dreams ] of being a secret agent and always going off on random missions and adventures. So I thought why not bring that excitement to life and put his secret agent skills to the test.

Here were some set up and run through of how the games went.

It would all start off with our friend Tom dropping off a package to B~ that consisted of a walkie talkie and a note. ( This is to mimic our first date, as Tom dropped off a package to me to start off what would be a scavenger hunt. Tom's package at the time was a cell phone with a note. ) I was on the other side of the walkie talkie, watching it all go down via wireless web cam, my friend held.
Once he put on the walkie talkie, he was told to search for a "GO" bag that was hidden somewhere in the house. Friends in on the game would play HOT / COLD with B~ to help him find the bag as all of them but him would know where the bag is.

I had to get a "GO" bag ready, with somethings a secret agent would have.

Binoculars (borrowed from his mom), Fire Starter Kit, Flare, Flashlight, Change of clothes, Steam Credit - that is meant to be B~'s kind of currency [ His reward for finding the bag ]

I had to wrangle up 2 of his groomsmen that was not able to come on the trip to do a video message. One - to congratulate him on finding the bag, and to familiarize with the items inside, and to wait for further instructions.

His next game was to change into the dress shirt and tie under a minute ~ in order to receive a reward to use later on in the game. The dress shirt was one my mom got B~ as a pre-wedding gift. However searching for a cheap men's tie was more difficult than I thought~ even if it's just a plain black tie. I searched malls, even visited some dollar stores only to find ties are expensive. I ended up popping in to a thrift shop where I found a mexx tie for 4$. I brought it home, washed and ironed it before B~ came home from work. I found out why the tie was 4$, I ended up having to open it up and preform surgery on the tie, as the filling in the tie was causing odd wrinkles. So whomever owned it before may have had a difficult time trying to get the wrinkles out because it was simply a manufacturing error.

After getting changed he was told head out to the dining room, to play a Lies and Deception game with 3 people who are mostly strangers. This was a great ice breaker now I think of it. Considering we were on a trip with some new faces from Calgary and Vancouver. Every secret agent has to be able to lie and tell who's lying. So this was a little fun to also learn some truths / lies about people we have just met. B~'s reward for this game was a Mr. Potato Head ~ the master of deception ( disguises ) However the one I really wanted to get him was not available I got him a Homer Mr. Potato Head as he does love Simpsons.

Another video from one of his groomsmen would introduce him to his next game, where he had to be able to speak many different languages. "Hello, How are you?" - in a minutes time. B~ did pretty well I would say. getting 6-7 reward nerf bullets.

Third game to be played in the dining room was to be able to read lips.
He chose a partner and an opponent. Both people he chose were also guys who are to be his groomsmen. Tom ~ being his first opponent did not work out as well as expected and was to be swapped out to Jen ~ a bridesmaid none-the-less. The guys ended up cheating as this game was harder for them as they only got 5/10 words. 3 of them from cheating.

Me and Jeanette woke up early on this game day to set everything up, one being the nerf guns.
Placed on the upstairs living room floor covered only by a blanket on the day of.

B~ actually went into the living room that morning to eat part of his breakfast there, and I had to give the "HELP ME" face to Jeanette to detour him and keep him company from peeking under the blanket at what it may be. She was truly a life saver on this day. One of these guns was a "Boss" gun which ended up being quite the action gun to watch. Difficult to even spot the bullets come out.. but more on that later on.Out of all these guns, B~ chose the smallest one. Only because he likes it and knows it the best. Having to fill it with his reward bullets.

He then is told to head downstairs living room, after choosing a gun to hit the following targets [ Target Practice ] and also to save the Dog, which is a collectible toy from one of the games he plays. 3 friends held up targets, as he tries to hit them all to save the dog. Easy DIY target game.

The last game was B~ choosing 2 team mates as well others he didn't choose became his opponents in what was to be like Nerf American Gladiator Arena style. However it was difficult to station everyone in time, and there were nerf gun malfunctions as certain nerf bullets didn't work well in different nerf guns. And Team B~ cheated. They became impatient and wanted to know what things were and began to try to take people out as they were setting up their stations -_-.  I tried to walkie talkie him the instructions, to use his binoculars at the starting point to scope out what was ahead. But I guess someone failed to put on his ear piece and missed what the instructions were. They also stole the bullet packs set up for them at flag points in the first round when they cheated before I even told them to go back to the start. -_-*. The boys were to make it through the obstacle course, ducking behind the flag chairs with refill bullets available to them, getting to the safe zone. Where all others have to stop firing for a certain amount of time, and with a first-aid kit there (which was just toilet paper and hockey tape )
 they would have to bandage where they were hit along the game. However, no one was able to hit them  -_- and that was one I did not foresee ~ before they had to make it the extraction point. But one thing I was glad to foresee was that it would be difficult for them to take out the Boss Gun. Fired by Friend Trevar ~ which housed 60 bullets and shot at the fastest speed. Team B~ thought they would just kill him easily but it was fun to see they had to work together to get the shot through the rainbow ring.

The last game was more of a skill / ability training. Making it to the extraction point, he would have to light a signal to end the game. Using the "flare" and fire starter kit in his "Go" bag.
I don't know if this was a good idea or not, as I also did not foresee that all three boys loves to build fires and their goal seemed to be "Build a fire - burn stuff" and they forgot about simply lighting the flare. Eventually they lit the flare ( which they seemed to be scared to do so, but it was only a cake topper sparkler which I creatively packaged to be a flare for the game ).

All in all, it was all fun in games. And great to see B~ having fun and running around enjoying himself. Seeing his smiling face during the games was well worth it. Happy Anniversary!

It all could not be done without friends that were able to sneak 2 bags all set up with the goodies for these games. Thank you J and J ;) you know who you are.
The video footage of all the games were also very exciting as Music Man = Steven, was able to come through with background music. Which made it very awesome.

I had wished more friends could have made this trip. They would have had so much fun playing / shooting one another with the Nerf guns.
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