Saturday, August 01, 2009

Another 4.8k+ run/jog/walk

Just completed another 4.8k+ run/jog/walk with my cousin and dog.
Lost my keys in the first 10 mins of our workout and I had to back track to find them on the road somewhere.
My dog did finish though now he is dead...tired that is. His age has really caught up with him which makes me kinda sad. Makes me think if I should get a big dog or medium small dog, leaning more towards a medium small dog so they can stay in the house with me in my room. But the big dog can go on long runs with me :) .
Got honked at twice during our run. People really support running, Why do I say this? because they honked at us was driving from behind us, they can't even see if we're good looking or not.

I just googled and found out what my ideal weight should be for my age, height and gender. 116, so I need to lose about 20 pounds.

Tomorrow I need to focus on is stomach crunches... :P

Tonight is zombie shooting night.
Anything just to keep me sane and my emotions stable.
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