Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Back From Another Run

Back from another 4.8k jog & walk with my cousin.
My shin splints are back, which means I need more resting time between running days. Shin Splints officially suck!

Came back and opened my dumb ass over priced rogers bill, but I'm switching to a better plan so I hope that all goes well and I can start getting what I pay for.

Painted the front of the house, touching up the areas that were mucked up by painting of the front steps of the house.

Shaw guy comes by as I'm doing this and tells me he can't switch us over till our house is mapped on the GPS for the city of Surrey. Weird but okay. I explain to him how I want the whole house to be hooked up to one number. Though we have two addresses on our house it's one house. He takes a picture of the house number and gps' our house. And Leaves. Guys with English / Aussie accents are HOT!

Gonna get ready now to head out with the cousin to get some craft supplies downtown.
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