Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Well... It has been two weeks on the dot since me and my recent other saw each other and he said to me that he just didn't feel the same. and we went on a break. Today was the first time I've seen him since.

After a long talk ( not giving specifics ) tears from both parties. We broke up.
He didn't feel the same anymore and was happy being single.
As for me... Even though I feel like trying would save us. If he's not happy I have to let him go. I truly love him. And if he's happier without me then I have to let him go. That's true love. I've always been this way. We've decided to stay friends with all the history between us. I've already cried hard enough the other day that my emotions are not the same. I spent the last two weeks coping with the fact that we won't recover. In the end I gave him a punch to the arm as we talked face to face. I walked him out and with a hug and kiss on the cheek we said our goodbyes to one another with well wishes.
To all my friends, thank you for your support and love. I am OK. As I said to Trevor.
"I am Zen"

Side Note.
Yesterday I didn't really update much.
My second learning standard lesson was a success, even though I spent it in front of my house going first and reverse going forward and backwards. I only stalled a handful of times. In the evening I got angry with my dad since he said NO to helping me get a scooter. I said I would pay for everything but he didn't even want to converse with me about it and just said NO.

Today however he comes back from work with a change of heart. It made me so happy that he would consider it. :) yay. scooter.

I have decided that I will do the crow stunt I've always wanted to do. I will post the video for sure. for all those that know what I'm talking about, I noted this on Dec 2008 on my face book my friends. In a note about things that I always thought of doing.
now I have to look for a crow costume.
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