Thursday, August 20, 2009

Facebook Fan Page

I spent most of my day again going through images, this time of my art work to update my facebook fan page. So you can go to one of two places to check out my art.

My Website:
My Facebook Fan Page:

I was also observing my youtube. Unbelievable that one video surpasses the other in less than one day. I was pretty happy to find out that P.C. actually commented back to the shout out to him. I actually held back the footage a couple of days before publishing it last night.

Went for another 4.8k jog today found myself very tired after a short race against my cousin that we did nearing the hill that we must battle during this run. Came home to see everyone had already arrived home and soon after my sister and her hubby to be showed up for dinner. During the run I realized why I enjoy working out / running to relieve emotional stress after a break up. Since I sigh time to time to relieve my emotions, during running I'm forced to pace my breaths and when I run my heart out I'm forced to catch it, it feels as though all the air in my lungs has left me. During this moment it's as if those heart breaking emotions has left me as well.

I will be making videos tomorrow, like I said about a couple of series of art I want to sell. Might take me a while to set everything up and edit. Video editing is so new to me. -_- But my Mac Book does make things more easier.

On personal emotions: well... I still wish I was with him, to share ideas, thoughts, feelings. I didn't only break up with a boyfriend. He was my lover and my best friend. Letting that go is more easier said then done.

Physically: Feeling Nauseous.
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