Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Roller Coaster of Feelings

I will start with what I didn't blog about last night. Yesterday I had a brief meeting with my friend about work, I shared with them my idea for the stunts I want to do. They loved them and I left the meeting refreshed and focused. Me and cousin LX walked home and I made blueberry waffles for dinner with ice cream on top. You know the infamous one that I just seem to have wished I could have made for Trev.
They are much better with the original recipe that calls for strawberries instead of blueberries. Topped with strawberry marble ice cream. It's so GOOD. MMmmMmm doesn't it look good? If anyone is interested in the recipe, maybe I'll make a video on making it and post the recipe up along with it.

I went into work downtown today, feeling tired, more tired then ever sitting in front of the computer. It was even more fun when the electricity went out just when I finished designing a panel for a power point presentation template. I was about to save and... black out. The whole downtown Vancouver core lost electricity for 15-25 mins? FUN. I had to do what I was doing all over again. Booo *thumbs down*  What was even worse was that I was feeling sick. But I became depressed when the power went out my natural instinct was that I grabbed my phone and I was just about to text message Trevor. I had to stop myself and my heart just sank. To think that he has become a natural reaction.
The power went back on just as my boss was about to let me go home for the rest of the day. So I ended up working the rest of the day feeling sick and sad. I finish the template with good reviews from the boss, I pack things  up and I make my way home.

Me and Cousin LX just returned from another 4.8k jog & walk. I don't feel so sad anymore but I still do feel a bit sick. Maybe I will feel better a little later on tonight.

Plans for tonight: Crow costume making. Making of the crow head mask.
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