Thursday, October 29, 2009

So... YEAH. Had To Run For The Bus

*SIGH*... A BIG SIGH. I get off of work and skytrain it home. I'm waiting to board my bus, and start lining up. I realize as I'm standing there behind a bunch of people that "seem" like they are in line. Weren't. I realize this when the bus gives off that sound ... the hissing one where it inflates it's suspension to lift it up to take off. I say a loud. "FUCKERS" and then quickly start turning around and booking it for the next bus stop. Knowing I have a little *couple seconds / mins * the bus takes to go around the station block to turn to the next stop. Lets just say, thank god I'm fit that I was able to book it for the next stop and not pass out when I boarded the bus. *stupid moment of the day for you there.

I recorded / filmed myself singing a song I wrote earlier this week. I'm debating if I should youtube it for the world to hear and see. But I'm a bit shy at the moment and reluctant to. Yes, even the not so shy to do stupid things is shy to show the world my singing. I know I'm not the best. I guess cause it's a song that comes so quickly from the heart. *shy* *run away*
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