Sunday, October 18, 2009

Trying To Find The Words

I don't think I need to anymore...when I heard this. I just think of ... you. *you know who you are. <3
I spent most of the day today organizing, taking photos of everything that I think I can sell off on ebay or give away. De-cluttering my life, you can say. Of a lot of little things I just never needed in my life to live it. I spent most of the day listening to Gabe *artist who sings in the video above* as I cleaned up. I filed away more bills and sorted out my notebooks. Planning my trip to Toronto. Chatted it up. And after 9pm, me and the cousin chilled on my bed as we watched Drag me to Hell. I was squeaking away here and there watching it. I hate creepy shadow horror things. I need someone to snuggle cuddle as I watch these scary movies. >_< . Maybe I shouldn't watch horror things on my own. I get a bit scared after in the dark alone. *counting down the days to TO. :D
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