Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Yesterday Was A Good Day

Yesterday was a good day. I lazied around in the morning and went to go drop off my painting for an upcoming art show that's going to be at the CCC center between the Nov 7 to Dec 6. The 15th Annual Art Exhibition & Juried Awards 2009. For the Chinese Canadian Artists Federation in Vancouver. Yes I've been a member since, 2003? I've been out of the scene for 2.5 years, due to school and building my Graphic Design part of my life. Now, I'm going to try more than ever to merge these two. I ask myself what have I been doing this last 2.5 years. Not all that much, which is sad. But then I've done a few stuff. I've helped brand some local businesses, build some websites for companies. Got my artwork on some stainless steel water bottles. What else have I done that was career based? One thing I haven't been doing is networking. But now I am willing to open up, show the world what I really have to offer. Going back into fine arts more ready is what I was waiting for. I may not be able to find someone else out there any time soon, that does what I do that's the same age, of the same caliber. But I'd love to meet other artistic individuals that are looking to build something from nothing. Those who have that same ambition and drive. * back to my day * I go drop off my painting I get all blown by the wind and all transiting down with my huge painting. One thing I learned about this city, no one really cares about your business ( meaning what you're doing when you're doing it as in what you have on your face, or in your hair, or what you wear ), you just think they do.
The man who now runs the CCAF in Vancouver is ... how you say... a student of my teachers. I'm not too sure if we are of the same generation in painting ( students of the same teacher are of the same generation ) He is more mastered than I am, of course he is, he's twice my age. ( This is how I think of me in Chinese arts ) If I can paint to two thirds of the current masters ability at my age, I stand a good chance of surpassing them. But that's just ego talking, that and my experience and openness to absorb all I need to learn from them before the great masters all pass. Before there isn't any of them left. ... There I go again... side tracking.. this blog is an day to day auto biography... I walk into the store and am greeted by three little Bijon dogs. So cute. He calls out my name as he comes out of his office to greet me and before I leave he offers me a project. One that isn't about money, more of fame if it gets recognition. Of course I say yes.
We walk around chinatown cause poor cousin LX hasn't really been properly taken around china town shops. I bring her to see some lowly Chinese paintings that saturate the market. And the shops I've come to know to visit for my Chinese art supplies, I take her to the Bamboo Village, one of my little Chinese stores I said to her that she has to go in and see for the paper lanters and well, the smell and sites. And I spot it, a cute panda that is none like any I've had before, it's on sale for 18$! and I put on my want face as Cousin LX takes a picture of me with the panda. We head on out of Chinatown and head towards home, we stop by BBY Best Buy to get the Sanyo that I've been eyeing for a couple of weeks. I pull a "ZAY" move. As I wait for someone to come and help me at the camcorder section, I get a text from B. He tells me that I've just hit number one in our hockey pool of 3-4 people. I ( living in my own bubble world ) start dancing in the store, yes. This is true. I'm an dancing / jumping in joy. and from behind my cousin I see a sales associate come walking towards me with a smile on his face catching me do my stupid dance. I explain quickly my reason of the dance and get down to business. Only to find they don't have my camera there. I end up hitting up the Surrey one and walk out with a new camcorder at the end of the night.

Today, was all work. I did wake up with an ever so sweet *Good Morning* email from Frankie. It inspired me to start writing and singing a song. Not yet completed. I missed the bus, so I had to transfer I end up being a bit late for work. I work over time 2 hours. I sit on the sky train on my way home working on the rest of the song that I started this morning. He inspires me to be more than what I am now. Tomorrow is going to be another long day, but I'll make it a good day!. Ah.. I can't wait to film outside.
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