Monday, December 28, 2009

Just Let Go!

I'm not talking about myself today. My GB *Chris* seems to lack the ability to fully let go. I understand this, that it's hard but I just don't understand how anyone can continuously dwell and focus a part of their energy towards someone that has hurt them so much. He seems to ask why, why he doesn't have the kind of happiness that the person he's always had interests in seems to have found in someone else that isn't him. He has continuously had interests in these girls who have all ended up breaking his heart. I asked and wondered if he was loving too blindly. That he likes that person so much that he's not seeing all the other signs of their disinterest. I've always had the patience to do this and realized loving blindly only makes you weaker that you are allowing yourself to be hurt. He has to learn to stop looking back and checking in on someone that seems to break your heart every time you see their happiness with someone else which in turn makes you unhappy. This only means, you don't truly love them. You love the love they have, the love you could have had.

If you truly love and care for someone, you can let them go to be happy. You can look at their happiness and are happy ( if not try ) because that is all you could ever wish for them to find. Even though that happiness is not with you. It isn't you loving them, or them loving you. It is for the better. Even if you feel it's only a charade, that you feel that the love they have isn't real. The truth is, it is not your place to say that. You aren't in that relationship. You have to realize that these are the kind of thoughts that make you more ugly. When you start to hope somewhere in your heart that their relationship doesn't turn out. These thoughts, it turns you into something else. It brings envy in your heart and you lose faith in one of the most powerful entities in the world next to the faith and belief in God. Think about this. Loving someone comes very close to religion. You put belief in them, faith, trust, love, devotion and time.

I've had to learn this. I always want to be a better person when it comes to loving someone. When stepping in and out of a relationship. I realized that it breaks my heart and it makes me feel disgusted when I start wishing someone I once loved so much any kind of harm, or unhappiness. Why would I ever want to place myself into such an ugly state of mind. I could only hope that they would wish the same for me in finding happiness and love in whomever it is I choose to pursue to love and come to be with.

Let Go Chris. You will be better for it.
Love IS Patient. Love IS Kind. These words are from the bible.
Take One Step Forward. Become better for wishing them well and only hope that the ones that have ever come to hurt you, nothing but happiness. Don't dwell, just let them go. Their woes and worries should never become yours because you have your own life to live and love.
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