Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Let Go & Growing

I said goodbye today to a great guy. Letting go of that is hard I must say and I feel like having a good cry. But I'm better for it. Hearing his words of wisdom. I'm going to miss him. His presence, his voice, his aura. I fell in love with you Frankie, for just you being who you are. *smiles*

There are lots of things that I've come to already know. So much more to learn. I will be reconnecting with old friends the rest of this 26th year and looking to make many more new ones. I need to place myself out of my element, I'm up for anything. I love myself a lot more to know I need better and have better things in stored. I'm smart, wise and strong. I just need to be smarter, wiser and stronger.

In my last post in my last line I said that I have so much love that I need someone on the receiving end. Though this is true, I will for now cycle this love back to me.
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