Sunday, December 20, 2009

Party Till 2 Plus

I went to a friends get together at her condo yesterday to hang. Meeting new people was great. Hanging with strangers that were very much open to rock out! ( we were playing rock band all night ) I opened up with some encouragement from DC. I am very shy when comes to singing in front of people, especially the ones I don't know, but him going first, I followed sometime after. It was a very comfortable environment, I guess you can only have this when you get the right group of people together. Everyone was supportive of everyone else, I guess since most of the people there played hockey, we very much have team spirit. A song that was harder to sing than it seems was "I want you back" by Jackson five. I thought i was going to crash that song. After the party we head out, ( DC, was nice enough to agree to drop me home ) I forget my umbrella and we go back up to the condo to fetch it. Well good thing cause it was raining. We walk side by side under the umbrella chatting. I was holding up the umbrella for half the walk and couldn't do it anymore and asked him to hold it as I just hooked my hand to his arm as we walked. We walk to the parking lot where he parks for work. We walk up using the car loop around instead of taking the stairs to get to his car. LOL, I don't know why I choose the more exercise one. We chat, he didn't know very much where he was going when he was driving me home, which was odd because he'd been to my place before, or at least near by it. @_@ . But the extra long drive home was nice anyways. Before we parted ways, I give him directions on how to get back home over the bridge, gave him the domo kun gifts that I'd been waiting to pass to him and requested he get out of the car. With DC, there was one thing that I've always wanted to do through out the years and that was a big big hug. ♥ , he gives out a little sighing sound during the hug ( maybe I hugged too hard? ) and he wishes me a Merry Christmas / A Holiday and I say my goodbye. This is where I quickly scoot back to my house and watched him drive off as I say goodbye and let go. I film my "I love you" video that is in the spirit of project _ To: You. I end it, around 4am and sleep a good sleep. I wake up feeling a bit heartbroken for some strange reason.
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