Sunday, December 06, 2009

T.O. Day 9. Wine Tasting, Niagara Falls

We make it a day trip to Niagara Falls. Before he we set out for the long drive, he gets his car washed. It was a long drive and along the way I wondered if this was going to be much on him. -_- . We get a bit lost along the way to a winery. A flock of little birds that were hundreds of them fly over us and as you can guess they pooped on his car. I got it on film as his disappointment as he was getting bombed by these little birds. I can't help but smile. I just knew if we were going to drive under them it was just a big possibility they would poop on us. He gets a bit upset, saying it wasn't funny. We get lost. I now wonder if Circle Street is really in the shape of a circle as we went about on it. We eventually find our way to the Winery place Frankie was searching for and we head on in. I do a little wine tasting for the first time in my life. I've drank wine before, just never sampled them at an actual winery. I came to realize how pink rose wine is. Frankie buys 6 bottles as some for presents and such. I buy a bottle to bring back home since this shop was a little local winery and I'm pretty sure they don't ship and sell in Vancouver. We soon head out and towards Niagara Falls. As I got there I thought, wow it's cold.

The wind was blowing and chilled our faces. Frankie bundles himself up and says he probably looks so gangster with his hood up and all, I think to myself he's so far from it it's cute. We get to Niagara Falls and I tell him how I thought it would be bigger. I said this probably on the fact that we were standing a ways away and was looking down on it. On the angle and distance you need to be from it to get the real sense on how big it really is. Maybe it's just me and I thought it would be twice as big as it already is. We walk about as we go in search for a Niagara Falls charm for my charm bracelet. If find one in the final souvenir shop out of 5 or so we go to. I end up with the I ♥ Niagara on it, Though I don't very much heart it, Frankie says you don't even notice I ♥ on it. which is true. The other ones were just, blah. We go for a bit of shopping at this outlet mall, I didn't end up getting anything though I was very much looking at a dress shirt in the Mexx store and a turtle neck in Danier Leather, though Frankie did all the shopping. We head on home soon after, I was falling asleep on the drive home. But it wasn't only me! Frankie was feeling a bit tired, and we were both hungry as we at the gas station to refuel, we soon head on over to Boston Pizza which was located next to it. He orders a soup and sandwich as I get wings. I was determined on this trip to just eat wings one night and that was the night. We get home around 7ish and I reset my charms on my charm bracelet so they are all evenly spaced since I just slapped them on everywhere when I first placed them in. I chat with cousin Jonny as I do this. Soon after he goes offline to eat dinner as I finish my charm bracelet and continue to paint again. To finish off the painting. Frankie watches anything series of UFC fights on TV. Frankie is about the head off the bed as I call him back out to look at the finished painting. His face lights up again as he looks at it. ♥ . He knows it was a lot of work. He's very excited to spray it and put it up on the wall. We head off to bed. He giggles last night and mocks me a bit before falling asleep. He asks me how big did I think it would be. I said, I didn't know just bigger. He said any bigger and it would be a black hole. I smile, cause he's right.

Goal #76. See A Wonder of Canada
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