Thursday, December 03, 2009

T.O. Trip Day 6 . Lost Exploring Harbourfront

nono, just kidding. I looped around so many times that I didn't really know where I was going even if I was following a map.
I explored the Harbourfront and I walked and walked around. Got side tracked got lost. Interesting moment of the day, when I was taking pictures of what I thought was destination one on my map, there was a bus driver turning. He honks at me and waves and I just go along and wave back. WOW, the people of Toronto are so nice. :D As I walked through the park to destination one I come close to about three fat little squirrels. I walk up to one as he sits up and looks at me from time to time. I did film it but cut it out due to to time. I did take come wonderful images and here they are :D

Look at the view I had when I was in Queen Quay Terminal eating lunch my fish and chips
That night Frankie comes home and says he needs to go get a hair cut. He takes me all the way out to where I can't remember where his stylist is located in a little strip mall. He later takes me out to a dim sum house called. Chineses Dumpling House. I guess there is more than one kind of Chinese in the world. @_@ . well this is what he had for dinner that night. YUMMY!

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