Friday, December 04, 2009

T.O. Trip Day 7 . Bloor St, Korean BBQ, Painting

I woke up and got ready to head out to meet Danny. I get to Bloor St. and Yonge by street car and then the subway. Yes, I've very much got used to taking the transit in a short amount of time. It's very strange. I had some time so I make my way to one of my City Walks points on a map card. St. Basil Church located on Irvin Ave. ( I believe ) I had 30 mins. On my way there I get a "hello" on the street. I say hello back. I go on my way and think to myself. The people in this city are so nice! LOL. Then soon after as I pause to check out my phone and my map to see what direction I'm going to, the gentleman that said hello to me had backtracked back to talk to me as I walked. He asked me the usual as he helps me find my destination point, if I was going to work, what nationality I was, how long I was staying in town. We part ways cause I had passed the street I was supposed to turn on, he asks as we do how he could contact me. I say Youtube me, just look up Syloarts. This contact is the fastest way to look for me. Since I am online a lot even though I'm on my trip.
I find St. Basil and got some great shots outside. Gorgeous inside as well. With all ceilings and white interior and stained glass windows. Soon after a quick visit I head on over back to Bloor and Yonge to meet Danny at Korean Grill House for lunch. He was Mr. Cook for the most of it. since this grill was a little different than what I'm used to, it was inset a little deeper into the table than most ones I've been to for Korean BBQ. He suggests places I should hit up that day, we catch up and chat about what we're up to now-a-days it was nice. Danny, the handsome young Asian guy that always makes me think that he should be on a CD cover and becoming some hot top singing Asian pop icon. LOL. He just has that face. I walked a lot around Bloor street area. I hit up the University there, walk by the ROM.

I did two destination cards that day and hit the points. I didn't enter all of them cause of the time constraint but as I was about to head back home the subway is having a bit of troubles an I re-route myself to go to Spadina Station and take the street car home from there. I started painting Frankie's Christmas gift. A 6 piece water surface painting like one I did for my brother, but this time this is more unique in more imagination from my end. The colors were also chose wisely as well to match the decor of his place. I finished most of it by the time he came home ( which was late since he had a dinner out with some people ) I loved watching his face as it lit up in excitement when he looked over and at the painting. I filmed most of the painting as I was doing it's outlining and photographed time after time after working on it for about an hour or so. I hope to edit it and post it up soon. This was the first time I've painted anything in a couple years. I wrap up the rest of what I'm doing as he asks cutely and wonders if I'm going to bed soon. It was already around 1am nearly 2am.
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